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Create Kick-Ass Comic Art With How To Draw Comics Academy

 And Draw Like The Comic Art Pros You Love!

How To Draw Comics Academy offers you the training and personalized feedback you've been looking for to rapidly improve your art, starting now!


No more feeling stuck or lost on what steps to take next. It's time to make real progress and become a master of your craft.

Here's Everything You Get By Starting Today!

Step-By-Step Video Tutorials

The Academy Learning Program is packed with step-by-step video tutorials designed to guide you through every aspect of drawing comics.

Practice Sessions

Practice Sessions give you a step-by-step game plan for applying what you've learned, allowing you to solidify your skills.

In-Depth Feedback On Your Art

Submit your artwork for feedback and receive detailed critiques, draw-overs and personalized guidance from your instructor.

Interactive Live Classes, Critique Sessions & Q&A Each Week

​New, Never Before Seen Content, Added Every Month

​Join a Community of Artists Who Inspire You, & Help Your Art Improve

Drawin Challenges.jpg

A Message from Clayton Barton, Founder of HTDC Academy

Hi there, I'm Clayton Barton, and I know firsthand the struggles you face as an aspiring comic artist. I've been in your shoes, staring at a blank page, feeling frustrated when my characters didn’t come to life as I envisioned.


Maybe you feel stuck, unsure how to take your art to the next level, or isolated without a supportive community to share your journey with. These challenges are common, and I want you to know that you're not alone.

Many artists, just like you, have faced these obstacles and felt the same doubts. But they found a solution, and so can you. At HTDC Academy, we’ve created a space where these struggles become stepping stones rather than roadblocks.


Through our comprehensive lessons, practice sessions, and personalized feedback, we provide the guidance you need to overcome these hurdles.

Landing Page Art - Line Art - 13.jpg

Imagine a Different Future

Picture yourself a few months from now, confidently sketching dynamic characters and creating captivating scenes that bring your stories to life.


Imagine receiving constructive feedback that sharpens your skills and being part of a vibrant community that encourages and supports you every step of the way.

At HTDC Academy, we offer more than just lessons; we offer a transformation. Our tailored curriculum helps you master the techniques and develop the unique style that will set your work apart.


You’ll gain the confidence to take on ambitious projects and see them through to completion, all while feeling motivated and inspired by the progress you’re making.

Join us at HTDC Academy and start turning your artistic dreams into reality. Together, we’ll move past the frustrations and create a future where your skills shine, your stories captivate, and your potential is fully realized. Let's embark on this journey and make your artistic vision a stunning reality.

Sequential Storytelling Workshop - Wallpaper E.jpg
Do You...

✎ Have a story you've always wanted to make into a comic, but don't yet have the skills to do it?

✎ Want to feel proud to show off your artwork, instead of shy or embarrassed?

✎ Get frustrated by the lack of progress you're making, and want to improve faster?

✎ Find yourself stuck, unsure of what steps to take next to significantly level-up your drawing abilities?

✎ Struggle to find the time to draw between family, work and other commitments?

✎ Worry about how much longer it'll take to draw at a professional level?

✎ Want to turn your passion into a real profession that you can earn money from?

Let's fix this...

What is The HTDC Academy - Background Art.jpg

3 Things You Need To Level-Up Fast

You want to draw the best artwork anyone has ever seen, but you have no idea how to get good enough to make that dream a reality. There's so much to learn, so little time, and you just want to get to drawing kick-ass characters, epic backgrounds and action-packed fight scenes ASAP!

But you want them to look good, not amateurish.

Most people will tell you to practice and you'll get better - and they're right! But what they don't tell you is what to practice and how to practice it. 

What you need is a structured learning program that guides you through the process step-by-step, and gives you personalized feedback along the way so you can see real results fast!


Knowledge, action and feedback - these are the 3 components required to rapidly improve your art, and that's what you'll get when you join the How to Draw Comics Academy.

Transform Your Art

The HTDC Academy Teaches You a Simple, 4 Step Drawing Formula, That's Easy to Follow and Leads to The Awesome Results You've Been Looking For In Your Art - Without Overwhelm or Confusion...

💀 STAGE 1: Foundations

Establish the proportions, pose, and placement of your drawings with a sturdy foundation.

💪 STAGE 2: Anatomy

Overlay the primary muscle groups throughout the figure, focusing on size, shape and structure.

🧑‍🎨 STAGE 3: Design

Create a compelling design for your character's hairstyle, costuming, and overall silhouette.

✍️ STAGE 4: Refinement

Refine your drawing with slick, sharp, energetic line art!

What Students Say About The Academy

James Fondren


Who Is The HTDC Academy For?

If you're an artist who wants to illustrate a comic, manga, graphic novel, or webcomic, HTDC Academy is the ideal place for you to hone your skill-set.

Want to create storyboards for movies, TV shows, video games or animation? The skills you'll learn in the HTDC Academy can make it a reality!

Are you someone who wants to design character and environment concepts for games, movies or comics? You'll learn all about it here, at HTDC Academy. 

Would you like to create illustrations for novels, picture books, roleplaying games, or tarot cards? Then the HTDC Academy is where it's at!

Who Is It For?

The How To Draw Comics Academy is for Artists Who Want to Draw Comics at a Professional Level!

You'll learn how to draw characters, backgrounds and full blown comic book sequences and covers, with less stress, less confusion and way more confidence.

The HTDC Academy Offers You an Interactive Learning Experience That Hooks You In, Right From The Get-Go!

It's a one of a kind combo of education and coaching, rolled into an ongoing learning program that's designed to get you drawing comics like a pro in the fastest amount of time possible.

Here's what that looks like for you...

You're Putting What You Learn Into ACTION...

And getting personalized feedback on your work along the way - with comprehensive critiques, examples and draw-overs. All your questions answered, your pathways to success paved, and help provided whenever you get stuck.

You're Part of an Inspiring Community of Comic Artists...

Who are all as motivated as you are to level-up and become the best comic artists they can be. They're there to succeed, and they want to see you do the same!


Ask them questions, get feedback, network and collaborate with your peers as you practice and improve your drawing skills together.

This is The Opportunity You've Been Looking For...

To make consistent progress in your artistic development - with extreme efficiency.


The road map is given to you, and the path is clear - all you've got to do is walk it and watch as your art improves week in and week out.

Landing Page Art - Line Art - 13.jpg

In Summary...

✔ The HTDC Academy is literally a virtual academy for comic artists to harness their abilities - where you'll take advantage of live drawing classes each week, and get personalized guidance to put what you learn straight into action. Now you've got the knowledge, engagement, accountability and support you've always needed to start making massive progress in your art.

✔ You'll receive expert feedback catered specifically to you, from a trained professional who will uncover the hidden flaws sabotaging your art, help you resolve the sticking points that are hindering your progress, and give you custom made strategies that'll take your comic art game to the top.

✔ Become part of a passionate community of comic artists who are driven to make their dreams of drawing at a professional level a reality. You'll witness their progress, and it'll inspire you to push yourself further than you ever thought possible. Along the way, they'll cheer you on, pulling you through the doubt, challenges and distractions you'll inevitably face, so that you can stay on track and realize your greatest potential!

✔ Enjoy the luxury of on-demand video tutorials, courses and past live recordings inside the Academy Vault. Not just that, you'll also have access to comic art templates, study references, project files and learning plans to streamline your learning.

That's over $1,981 worth of comic art training and coaching you'll get each month - but you have access to it today for $54.00 $10/Month!

Your Special 80% Discount Expires In:

You Could See Improvement Within Just 7 Days After Joining The HTDC Academy

It's a Crazy Claim to Make, But That's Literally What's Happening For Our Members!

Just take a look at how much progress Edge made in his first week of signing up to the HTDC Academy. He enhanced the level of depth, form and dynamism within his artwork after a single critique session!

That's no exaggeration either - you can see the significant stride in progress he's made here. Even I was taken back when I put the before and after, side-by-side.

James Fondren's Figure Drawings Went Through a Complete Transformation Within Just Months!

It's hard to believe that the figures below are all drawn by the same artist. But that's what happens when you join the How to Draw Comics Academy - your art transforms!

Do you see that progress? How inspiring!

It just goes to show, that if you dreamt of becoming a pro comic artist someday, but you gave up because you thought you couldn't do it - that's just an excuse.

As James demonstrates, it all comes down to making a commitment to yourself to get good, and seeing it through.

Then There's Matt Nikola, Another Inspiring Artist In The HTDC Academy, Driven To Push His Abilities to The Brink!

This is The Kind of Upgrade You Could See in Your Art Over The Next 7 Days...

With personalized coaching from an instructor who genuinely cares about your success.


There's a lot of useful how-to-draw content scattered across the internet for sure. But nothing that can engage your learning on this level, and give you these kinds of results - this fast.


The HTDC Academy offers you an ongoing comic art education, support and feedback, and an ever expanding library of carefully choreographed lessons, workshops, templates and more - every single month...

Because for us comic artists, our journey to mastery is a life-long endeavor.


With an experienced guide by your side, and a community of dedicated comic artists who have your back - there's no telling the heights of ability you could reach.

Don't delay the HUGE progress you could be making right now. Take advantage of this offer, and join the academy today.

HTDC Academy Landing Page - Ragetality.jpg

Stop Procrastinating And Get Motivated!

If You're Feeling Flat and Stuck In Creative Limbo With Your Art, The HTDC Academy Can Pull You Out of Your Rut!

As a comic artist myself, I understand the challenges of finding time to draw amidst the demands of work, relationships, and everyday life. Procrastination and exhaustion often impede our artistic pursuits. However, the HTDC Academy has been designed to reignite your passion and prioritize your creative endeavors once more.

⚠️ If you're struggling to find time for your art - Our scheduled lessons are held on a specific time and day each week, giving you an external source of accountability that pushes you to actively engage in your learning. This means you'll be making consistent progress without having to rely solely on self-motivation.

⚠️ If you've been feeling unmotivated or stuck in procrastination - Inside the HTDC Academy Community you'll find yourself surrounded by like-minded individuals who constantly push themselves to improve. As you witness their growth and determination, you'll feel a contagious wave of inspiration wash over you... And your dreams of drawing amazing comic art will come back into sharp focus.

⚠️ If you've hit a plateau with your art, and have no idea how to progress - the HTDC Academy can get you moving again with in-depth critique sessions that comb through your art on every level, revealing the exact areas you can focus on to improve with rapid momentum.


🎓 If you aspire to draw comics at a professional level - there's no better place to be than the HTDC Academy. It truly is the best investment you could make right now, for your art.

How It Works

You want to create art that looks mind-blowingly epic! To do that, you need techniques that work, along with practical guidance and personalized feedback to boot. At HTDC Academy you get the whole package, allowing you to see consistent improvement in your work.


With Live Classes where you can ask questions and interact with other students, or go at your own pace with pre-recorded lessons.


In our weekly Practice Sessions, where you'll see exactly how to apply what you've been learning to achieve maximum results!


Given to you each week, on the assignments you've been doing for our classes, along with any other artwork you'd like to get critiqued.


Hang out with other artists who are equally as driven as you to master their craft. Get support, insights and become inspired by your peers.

HTDC Academy Features - Background Art.jpg
But That's Not All...

If your join How To Draw Comics Academy today, you'll also get...

Live Classes

Engage with instructors, ask questions, and learn how to draw with realtime, step-by-step instruction.


Put the knowledge you've gained into action as you create full blown projects during our in-depth workshop sessions!

Academy Community

Join an inspiring group of artists who support each other, share their experiences, and collaborate on projects.


Watch the complete process for creating comic book illustrations and sequentials from start to finish.

Clayton Barton - Founder of How to Draw Comics Academy 2.jpg

Meet Clayton Barton, Founder of HTDC Academy

As a professional comic artist, I've had the privilege to work on some amazing projects. Not just penciling, but inking, coloring and editing too! My brother Korey and I even published our own comic book together after successfully crowdfunding it. Talk about living the dream!


But through all of that, I realized my true calling was to teach comic art to others. Because I believe sharing my expertise and experience with aspiring artists is where I can make the biggest impact. 


The academy means so much to me because I know what it feels like to struggle and face self-doubt as an artist. I’ve been there, and I want to make sure no one has to navigate this journey alone.

At HTDC Academy my mission is to equip you with the knowledge and confidence to bring your ideas life - and I'm excited to see how your unique talent will flourish and contribute to the world of comics.

The Reviews Are In...

James Fondren ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"After not drawing for 20 years, I found Clayton Barton's How To Draw Comics Academy. You will learn the fundamentals of drawing from laying down basic lines to complex figure drawing, gestures, anatomy, foreshortening, perspective, and other critical drawing disciplines needed for comics. In just four months I have seen results in my drawing that have inspired me to continue to develop as an artist. The How To Draw Comics Academy is a fun place to learn how to draw, share your work with other students, and get real time feedback from instructors on your work. If you follow the program, do the practice, and attend the live sessions with Clayton, I promise you will see results in your artwork that will amaze you."

Dominik Roehrl 

​"The amount of Tutorials and Courses alone would be cooö enough, but with all the live classes, the practise Sessions etc, the Academy is a wonderful place to go to as an aspiring comic book artist. And the live Feedback sessions are the cherry on top, most people dont get how valuable Feedback from a professional actually is, and will grind on and on without getting feedback ever, working in their bubble and never know what's holding them back"

Karen Hammann ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

​"Honestly, I think the HTDC Academy is amazing! It is the most organized and all-encompassing set of lessons I have ever found on how to draw comics. And the depth and quality of the lesson that I watched was unprecedented; you do not leave a stone unturned. I have not seen any other offerings like it for such a good price. The next best thing would be CGMA or Comics Experience and I believe they charge $600 per course. Proko is expensive as well. So, in the long run, I think you could give those guys a run for the money."

Brent Woodroof ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

​"These courses have rekindled my excitement to draw. Having access to live demos and days worth of video content plus a community who takes their progression seriously is no joke. This sounds like an ad, but I swear this is the best value I've found in learning figure drawing. You just don't get this kind of experience with anything you buy anymore. One-of-a-kind."

Matt Nikola 

​"The Feedback & Critique sessions actually helped a lot. I incorporated a full background from scratch (no cheats) and pushed all of my skills to the limits including dynamic action, multi-point perspective, foreshortening, lighting, color theory, and overall composition. The Academy contributed to this piece pretty significantly, so thank you!"

Jamie ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"Being able to see someone critique you and give you pointers on moving forward with your art is so life changing. The Academy gives me not just a direction to go towards, but insight into what I may or may not be doing wrong or right. It also gives me the drive and ambition to do more. Hell, last night I got off to lay down and go to bed and ended up on the drawing tablet redrawing the character design from our last critique session!"

Ashlin Becker ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

​"The How to Draw Comics Academy has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. Since joining Clayton's program, the progress of my artwork has sky-rocketed while learning all the tricks of the trade from his video tutorials. He also personally looks over your artwork and gives you the feedback you need to improve. It's a revolutionary way of learning for any aspiring comic artist."


​"I'm happy and thankful I've found the academy, for being part of this group of special people with such a great spirit and of course for Clayton, for his amazing idea to start the academy, and the work and effort he puts into all of this."

Landing Page Art - Line Art - 10.jpg

What You Will Learn:

✔ Master the basics of anatomy, perspective, and composition to create solid, believable artwork.

✔ Develop a deep understanding of human anatomy and figure drawing to create realistic and dynamic characters.

✔ Understand how to create action-packed and expressive poses that bring your characters to life.

✔ Learn to develop unique and memorable characters, from initial concept to final design.

✔ Develop skills in drawing detailed and immersive settings that complement your characters and story.

✔ Learn how to create compelling narratives through sequential art, effectively telling stories from panel to panel.

✔ Discover techniques for arranging panels to guide readers' eyes and enhance narrative flow.

✔ Explore various inking styles and methods to add depth and definition to your artwork.

✔ Gain knowledge of color selection and application to enhance mood and storytelling in your comics.

✔ Master the art of comic book lettering to ensure clear and engaging dialogue.

✔ Overcome common artistic challenges with innovative solutions and techniques.

✔ Discover and refine your unique artistic voice and style.

✔ Strategies to stay inspired, overcome procrastination, and maintain a steady workflow.

That's over $1,981 worth of comic art training and coaching you'll get each month - but you have access to it today for $54.00 $10/Month!

Your Special 80% Discount Expires In:

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

The HTDC Academy is committed to providing you with the best possible learning experience. I believe in the quality of our courses and the value they bring to aspiring comic artists. That's why I offer a 14-day money-back guarantee for new members.

If you join HTDC Academy and find that it's not the right fit for you within the first 14 days, simply let me know, and I’ll refund your first month’s payment—no questions asked.

Here's How It Works

✔ Join Risk-Free: Enroll in HTDC Academy and start exploring the comprehensive range of classes, practice sessions, and community features inside.

✔ Experience the Benefits: Dive into live classes, video tutorials, practice sessions, and receive personalized feedback.

✔ Evaluate Your Experience: Take your time to fully experience what HTDC Academy has to offer. If you're not completely satisfied within the first 14 days, just email

✔ Get Your Refund: Your refund for the first month’s payment will be processed promptly, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Your satisfaction is my priority, and I believe in the value of the education and community the HTDC Academy provides. Join us today and start your journey towards becoming a skilled comic artist—completely risk-free!

HTDC Academy - Kiruk.jpg

Don't Miss Your Chance to Transform Your Drawing Skills!

Every day you wait is another day you miss out on becoming the artist you aspire to be. The skills and techniques that seem out of reach today can become your strengths tomorrow—but only if you take the first step. 


Your skills, your creativity, and your dreams are all tied to the actions you take today. Don’t let your potential to create amazing comic art slip through your fingers...

Join HTDC Academy and unlock your talent.

The HTDC Academy provides you with the guidance, tools, and community to help you develop your ability to draw the cool stuff you love, from dynamic characters and vast backgrounds, to action packed sequences!

Sharpen your skills with our comprehensive tutorials and interactive live classes.

 Bring your imagination to life through hands-on practice sessions and workshop projects.

 Get inspired and stay motivated with feedback that pushes you to refine and improve your art.

✔ Gain confidence with each stroke as you overcome challenges and break through creative blocks.

Imagine the satisfaction and excitement of seeing your drawings come to life, exactly as you envisioned—or even better. The journey from dreaming about it to actually doing it starts with a single step.

Take that step with HTDC Academy.

Start today and see where your skills can take you. Don’t wait for another day to become the artist who doesn’t just dream about creating cool stuff—they actually do it. Enroll now, and let’s make those dreams a reality!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The How To Draw Comics Academy is a membership service that provides aspiring comic artists with valuable resources to enhance their skills. With your membership, you'll gain instant access to an extensive library of video lessons, courses, and workshops. This content is updated with new material every month. Additionally, you can participate in weekly live Q&A sessions, drawing classes, and critique sessions. Plus, you'll become a part of a community of dedicated artists who are committed to improving their drawing abilities.

  • The HTDC Academy Vault is packed with a wide range of video lessons and courses, covering various aspects of comic art and illustration. You'll find lessons on character design, storytelling, inking, coloring, and much more. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, you'll discover content that suits your skill level and helps you progress in the world of comics.

  • We update our library with fresh content every month. This ensures that our members have access to the latest tips, techniques, and trends in the world of comic art.

  • Our weekly live Q&A sessions are an excellent opportunity to interact directly with experienced instructors. These sessions occur regularly, and you can ask questions, seek advice, and gain insights into the art of comic drawing. It's a great chance to get real-time guidance and connect with fellow artists.

  • Our drawing classes are designed to help you improve your skills through hands-on practice. They cover various aspects of comic art, such as anatomy, perspective, and composition. The critique sessions provide a platform for you to receive feedback on your work from Clayton, allowing you to refine your techniques and grow as an artist.

  • Yes, absolutely. When you join the How To Draw Comics Academy, you become part of a community of motivated artists who share your passion for comic art. You can connect with fellow members, share your work, and collaborate on projects. It's a supportive environment for artists to learn, grow, and network.

  • Signing up is easy! Simply visit our website and follow the registration process. You can choose the monthly or annual membership plan, and you'll gain instant access to all the resources and benefits mentioned. Start your journey towards becoming a better comic artist today! If you have any more questions or need further assistance, feel free to contact Clayton at, and he'll be happy to help you on your artistic journey.

  • Currently, we exclusively accept PayPal as the payment method for our memberships. PayPal offers a secure and convenient way to manage your subscription to the How To Draw Comics Academy.

  • Please note that we do not offer refunds for memberships to the How To Draw Comics Academy. Our monthly and annual subscription is non-refundable. However, we do offer the flexibility for members to unsubscribe at any time. If you ever decide to discontinue your subscription, you can easily do so. If you have any questions or concerns before joining or if you decide to cancel your subscription, please don't hesitate to reach out to Clayton at, and he'll be happy to assist you.

Choose Your Plan

Join The How to Draw Comics Academy Today and Start Your Journey to Becoming a Skilled and Accomplished Comic Artist.

For a limited time, you can save 30% off your membership with the special code COMIC30.

When you take advantage of this special offer using the discount code ACADEMYSPECIAL, you'll only pay $75.00 $37 for your first 3 months!

  • Quarterly Membership

    Every 3 months
    Quarterly Membership to the How to Draw Comics Academy
    • Step By Step Video Tutorials
    • Interactive Live Classes
    • Hands-On Practice Sessions
    • Weekly Feedback on Your Art
    • Access to The Academy Community
    • Monthly Workshops & Demonstrations
    • Access To The Academy Learning Program
    • Clayton's Complete Course Collection
    • References, Templates, and Learning Plans
    • Brushes and PSD Project Files
  • Annual Membership

    Every year
    Annual Membership to the How to Draw Comics Academy
    • Everything included in the Monthly Membership Plan
    • $324 value. You save $115/year - that's 35% off

Subscription continues automatically unless cancelled.

Offer Expires In:

🔒 For your security, all orders are processed on a secured server.

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