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Where Aspiring Comic Artists Come Together To Learn, Practice And Improve With Consistency

Hey it's Clayton, creator of the HTDC Academy. For more than a decade I've helped thousands of comic artists level up their drawing abilities, and this is how...

By teaching them a structured approach to drawing that can be learned, practiced and mastered to produce artwork of an exceptional quality - with consistency

The HTDC Academy takes this one step further by giving you an immersive learning experience, where you can interact with me and your classmates real-time, inside our virtual classroom. 

Not only will you receive the deep insights and knowledge required to draw comics at a professional level, now you get the critical feedback and support needed to advance faster than ever before.

If You Want To...

✔ Create captivating and engaging comic books or graphic novels.

✔ Develop original characters and storylines that resonate with readers.

✔ Build a dedicated fan base and receive recognition for your work.

✔ Explore various genres and styles to create diverse and unique content.

✔ Publish your work through established publishers or self-publishing platforms.

✔ Earn a comfortable living through your art and make a lasting impact on the comic book community.

Then keep reading and I'll show you how!


Interactive Live Classes, Critique Sessions & Q&A Each Week

​New, Never Before Seen Content, Added Every Month

​Join a Community of Artists Who Inspire You, & Push You to Succeed

What Is The HTDC Academy And Who Is It For?

It's the ultimate online learning platform for comic artists who want to take their knowledge, abilities and art to a professional level. You'll learn how to draw characters, backgrounds and full blown comic book sequences and covers, with Less stress, less confusion and way more confidence.

The How To Draw Comics Academy offers you an interactive learning experience that hooks you in right from the get-go. 


It's a one of a kind combo of education and coaching, rolled into an ongoing learning program that's designed to get you drawing comics at a professional level fast!

Here's what that looks like for you...

You're Putting What You Learn Into ACTION...

And getting personalized feedback on your work along the way - with comprehensive critiques, examples and draw-overs. All your questions answered, your pathways to success paved, and help provided whenever you get stuck.

"Being able to see someone critique you and give you pointers on moving forward with your art is so life changing" - Jamie (Academy Member)

You'll also be part of an incredible community of inspiring artists who are all as motivated as you are to improve their drawing abilities and become the best comic artists they can be.


They're there to succeed, and they want to see you do the same!


Ask them questions, get feedback, network and collaborate with your peers as you practice and improve your comic art skills together.

The HTDC Academy offers you the opportunity you've been looking for to make consistent progress in your artistic development, with extreme efficiency.

As a bonus, you'll have unlimited access to the HTDC Academy Learning Library, where you'll find Live Session Recordings, Lessons, Courses and an abundance of other comic art resources including worksheets, templates, references, learning plans - and more!

In Summary...

✔ The HTDC Academy is literally a virtual academy for comic artists to harness their abilities - where you'll take advantage of live drawing classes each week, and get personalized guidance to put what you learn straight into action.


Now you've got the knowledge, engagement, accountability and support you've always needed to start making massive progress in your art.

✔ You'll receive expert feedback catered specifically to you, from a trained professional who will uncover the hidden flaws sabotaging your art, help you resolve the sticking points that are hindering your progress, and give you custom made strategies that'll take your comic art game to the top.

✔ Become part of a passionate community of comic artists who are driven to make their dreams of drawing at a professional level a reality. You'll witness their progress, and it'll inspire you to push yourself further than you ever thought possible.


Along the way, they'll cheer you on, pulling you through the doubt, challenges and distractions you'll inevitably face, so that you can stay on track and realize your greatest potential!

✔ Enjoy the luxury of on-demand comic art video tutorials, lessons, courses and past live recordings inside the academy's Learning Library. Not just that, you'll also have access to comic art templates, study references, project files and learning plans to streamline your workflow!

With these comic artist resources at your disposal you'll be able to create better quality art, in a fraction of the time it used to take.

And you can get immediate access to it all, right now.

You could see your artwork improve within just a week of signing up to the HTDC Academy. I know that's a crazy claim to make, but that's literally what's been happening for our members.

Just take a look at how much progress Edge made in his first week of signing up to the HTDC Academy...

"I'm happy and thankful I've found the academy, for being part of this group of special people with such a great spirit and of course for Clayton, for his amazing idea to start the academy, and the work and effort he puts into all of this."

- Edge (Academy Member)

Edge enhanced the level of depth, form and dynamism within his artwork from a single critique session! That's no exaggeration either - you can see the significant stride in progress he's made here. Even I was taken back when I put the before and after, side-by-side.

Or how about Matt Nikola, another inspiring artist in the HTDC Academy, driven to push his abilities to the brink!

"The Feedback & Critique sessions actually helped a lot. I incorporated a full background from scratch (no cheats) and pushed all of my skills to the limits including dynamic action, multi-point perspective, foreshortening, lighting, color theory, and overall composition. The Academy contributed to this piece pretty significantly, so thank you!" - Matt Nikola (Academy Member)

This is the kind of upgrade you could see in your art with personalized coaching from an instructor who genuinely cares about your success.


There's a lot of useful how-to-draw content scattered across the internet for sure. But nothing that can engage your learning on this level, and give you these kinds of results - this fast.


The HTDC Academy offers you an ongoing stream of comic art education, support and feedback, and an ever expanding library of carefully choreographed lessons, workshops, templates and more - every single month...

Because for us comic artists, our journey to mastery is a life-long endeavor.


With an experienced guide by your side, and a community of dedicated comic artists who have your back - there's no telling the heights of ability you could reach... just imagine what your artwork could look like when you've taken your skills to the top?

Don't delay the HUGE progress you could be making right now. Take advantage of this offer, and join the academy today.

Landing Page Art - Line Art - 13.jpg

Stop Procrastinating And Get Motivated!

If You're Feeling Flat and Stuck In Creative Limbo With Your Art, The HTDC Academy Can Pull You Out of Your Rut!

As a comic artist myself, I understand the challenges of finding time to draw amidst the demands of work, relationships, and everyday life.


Procrastination and exhaustion often impede our artistic pursuits. However, the HTDC Academy has been designed to reignite your passion and prioritize your creative endeavors once more.

⚠️ If you're struggling to find time for your art - Our scheduled lessons are held on a specific time and day each week, giving you an external source of accountability that pushes you to actively engage in your learning.


This means you'll be making consistent progress without having to rely solely on self-motivation.

⚠️ If you've been feeling unmotivated or stuck in a rut of procrastination - Inside the HTDC Academy Community you'll find yourself surrounded by like-minded individuals who constantly push themselves to improve.


As you witness their growth and determination, you'll feel a contagious wave of inspiration wash over you... And your dreams of drawing amazing comic art will come back into sharp focus.

⚠️ If you've hit a plateau with your art, and have no idea how to progress - the HTDC Academy can get you moving again with in-depth critique sessions that comb through your art on every level, revealing the exact areas you can focus on to improve with rapid momentum.


🎓 If you aspire to draw comics at a professional level - there's no better place to be than the HTDC Academy. It truly is the best investment you could make right now, for your art and personal growth.

"Now that I'm in this academy, I feel a sense of accountability - which is a very helpful motivator." - Matt Nickola (Academy Member)

Just Like a Real Art Academy

Except You Get To Learn, Practice, and Master Your Craft From The Comfort of Your Own Home, At Fraction Of The Cost!

When you join the How to Draw Comics Academy today, you'll receive a personalized welcome email from me. This email will confirm your successful subscription to the Academy and provide you with a direct link to log into your Dashboard.


Once you're in, you'll find an easy-to-use interface that grants you immediate access to all the resources and features the Academy has to offer. The first thing you're going to see is an assortment of lessons, categorized from beginner to advanced so that you know exactly what to tackle first.

You'll also find an Academy timetable and updates feed that'll keep you informed on upcoming Live classes and events, as well as important updates and news surrounding the Academy. 

Navigation is intuitive and simple to use, with an internal menu system that helps you get to where you want to go with ease. Every feature in the Academy is right there and ready for you to take full advantage of the moment you sign up - so with that said, let's talk about exactly what some of those features are shall we?


Here is a breakdown of what you'll discover inside...

"Clayton put together exactly the kind of learning experience I've always wanted, to take my art to the next level." Lee Byron Carver

The Live Classroom

To put it simply, it lets you watch real-time lessons through a Live video feed - as they're happening. 

Here's why that's a really big deal - what it means is that you can directly engage with me as I'm teaching. You can ask questions, get me to delve deeper into certain topics, while also interacting with your classmates in the Live chat. 

This eliminates the degree of separation students typically experience when going through an online course. In the HTDC Academy's Virtual Classroom you're there, with me, taking in the training as I'm teaching it.


You're actively engaged, present, and ideally applying what's being taught, posting your work and getting feedback on it.

The HTDC Academy Community

Learning Library

On top of the interactive, live learning experience you'll get when you join the HTDC Academy, you'll also have access to an entire library of on-demand video lessons, references, templates, and project files. 

Every live class, workshop and feedback and critique session is recorded and stored in the Academy's Learning Library - meaning that overtime, you'll watch it expand into a into a vast collection of specialized training, that covers a multitude of topics. 


What's really incredible though, is that a lot of the content you'll find here has been tailored specifically to meet your needs and desired outcomes.

With a learning library of resources that pack this much value, I've made it as easy as possible for you to find what you're looking for, by organizing the content into categories.


Whether you're starting out as a beginner who wants to learn the fundamentals of drawing, or you're a more advanced artist looking to learn about character design and sequential storytelling, you'll be able to find exactly what you're after without getting lost or confused. 

The HTDC Academy Learning Library is the go to resource for beefing up your repetiteur of comic art knowledge and streamlining your process for an optimized workflow. A deep well of on-demand knowledge available at your finger tips, all in one place.

The HTDC Academy's Learning Vault is constantly updated with new content, every month - giving you a continual stream of learning resources to help you develop your drawing abilities. 


But do you want to know what's even more awesome? As a member of the HTDC Academy, you can request the content you'd like to see most in the Learning Library.


Whether it's a tutorial covering a particular topic, fashion and hair style references, or design templates that fall within a particular genre you'd like to work in - together we'll help build out the Academy Library into a valuable treasure trove of resources that caters to you!

It brings us closer together and makes for a much more intimate learning experience which I believe has been the missing element from online education all along. 

This is the next best thing to actually being in the classroom with me, and working along side other aspiring comic artists. Here's some of the key features you can expect to take advantage of inside the Live Classroom:

✔ Live Classes: Fully engage in a real-time, virtual learning experience where you'll take in and apply the best comic art methods and techniques, as they're being taught.


Directly interact with me and your classmates, asking questions and getting immediate answers whenever you want more clarity, or a deeper explanation on the topic being taught.


Lectures don't just end once the main content has been delivered - they're extended until every last query is answered, and no stone is left unturned!


✔ Feedback and Critique Sessions: During these sessions your artwork will be analyzed with the eye of a professional comic artist who has come across just about every mistake an artist can make - and can show you how to fix them through detailed draw-overs and in-depth explanations. 


Critical flaws you never even knew were there will be unveiled. New avenues to advance your art opened up. Getting personalized feedback on your art is by far the fastest way to advance your skill-set, and as a member of the HTDC Academy, you'll get that opportunity every single week.

✔ Live Demonstrations: Ever wanted to see how a full blown comic book page, cover or character design is illustrated from the ground up?


In the Academy's Live Classroom you'll witness just that, as I show you the making of various comic artworks I've produced in the past and present - teaching you how to execute every step of the process while sharing deep insights into the mindset and philosophy behind my approach.

✔ Live Video Feed: Gain access to a built-in, live on-air video feed that you can tune into to watch real-time classes, feedback and critique sessions, and workshops as they're happening.


And what happens if you miss the live show? You'll be able to watch a replay of the last session inside the very same video feed, up until the next one is scheduled. This makes your live learning experience at the Academy ultra convenient, because you don't need to install any third party software or plugins to join classes.

✔ Live Chat Interaction: Engage directly with your instructor and classmates through the live chat box that's been seamlessly integrated into the video feed. Ask questions on the fly, share your take on the content being taught, and converse with fellow students to form lasting bonds within the Academy Community.


Part of what makes the HTDC Academy so special is the high level of interaction it promotes, making for a more potent learning experience.

✔ On-Demand Replays: You might be hesitant to sign up to the HTDC Academy because you're worried you won't be able to make it to the live classes. A valid concern indeed! But guess what? I've got you covered. Live sessions don't just disappear after they've ended.


In fact, if you go to the live video feed, you'll be able to hit the replay button to watch the last session in full at your own convenience. At the HTDC Academy you get to pick the best option for you - the advantage of a live, interactive learning experience, or the flexibility of a self-paced approach to your comic art education.

✔ Downloadable Recordings: So what if you miss out on both the live lesson and the replay? Luckily for you every minute of learning material that's aired in the Live Classroom is conveniently compiled and stored in the Academy's Learning Library for you to access and download at a later time.


You never have to be concerned about missing out on any of the valuable learning content on offer in the Academy. It's yours - to watch, learn from and to keep. 

✔ Integrated Platform Experience: The HTDC Academy's Live Classroom is built into it's platform, eliminating the need to install additional software or sign up to third party sites.


Here, your entire learning experience is streamlined, making it easy and frustration-free to access all of the live learning features and resources available at the HTDC Academy.

Having access to the HTDC Academy's Live Classroom gives you an added level educational authenticity that compels you to sit down at the drawing board, absorb what you're being taught, and put that newfound, comic art know-how into action.

The whole goal of the Live Classroom is to have you walking away from every lesson with something to show for it. That's how real learning happens - through the repeated application of new knowledge.

But you know what I personally love most about the Live Classroom, is just how close it is to a real one. You're showing up to an interactive learning space, where you get to hang out with your classmates, learn something cool and receive the help you need when you get stuck.

Ongoing Learning That Nurtures Your Artistic Growth

What I love most about the How To Draw Comics Academy, is that the strides in improvement you'll make in your artwork are on going. The longer you're here, the better you'll become as an artist.

Your motivation will be rekindled, with a spark of newfound inspiration that keeps your passion for the comic art craft ablaze - all thanks to an intimate learning experience that nurtures your growth, and the support of a network of talented artists who truly want the best for you. 

The art you're capable of creating today, won't look the same after a month of being in the HTDC Academy. It'll become more dynamic, expressive and visually impactful as you're given the keys to comic art mastery.


For in the end, reaching the epitome of your ability as a comic book artist is about getting to know yourself - the way you work, what you're doing wrong that's not serving your art, and what you're doing right that should be developed further. 

No pre-recorded course can give you that. The eye of a trained comic artist, who has the experience to back what he teaches can however. Personalized feedback, tailored to you is the missing puzzle piece you've been looking for to make real progress - and here in the HTDC Academy, it'll be handed to you.

Today you'll make a decision that gives you an edge over every other artist not inside the HTDC Academy... a decision that lets you finely draw the incredible illustrations you always knew were inside you. Artwork that makes you so proud, it brings a tear to your eye - you literally find it hard to believe you're even capable of it. But you did it... and it truly is breathtaking.

The Live Classroom Experience is Possibly the Most Unique Aspect of The HTDC Academy That sets it Apart from Everything Else...

But here's the other really awesome perk that the Live Classroom has to offer... all lessons are scheduled to run at a certain time, on a particular day.


What this gives you is structure and accountability. Now you don't have to try and plan out a time to sit down, slog your way through a pre-recorded course, and motivate yourself to practice - that's done for you!

Now look, I don't expect you to make it to every Live class, and you'll totally have access to the recordings of all sessions that go to air. But there's something about that real-time experience that's going to compel you to show up and do the work.


Leveraging that extra incentive makes a world of difference when it comes to reinforcing your commitment to the cause.


I know this, because in all the Live Workshops I've ran, every student echoed this sentiment - somehow the real-time aspect of those sessions almost forced them to show up, sit through the lessons and actually put pencil to paper.

Not to mention, learning Live is a heck of a lot more fun and informative then trying to do it all on your own.

It's a New, Synergistic Way of Learning That Produces Real Results.

The Virtual Classroom is One of The Academy's Most Prominent Features Because of the Added Level of Immersion and Interactivity it Introduces to Your Learning...

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could work alongside other artists in a studio-like environment, where you could share your work and get feedback from peers who were serious about their craft? 

Well that was the inspiration for the HTDC Academy Community. To give you a shared creative space where you could hang out with other artists, and form lasting friendships through a shared passion for drawing comics. 

It's a place where you can learn, grow and get inspired among peers who's drive and dedication is contagious.


They're ready and willing to help you out along your creative journey, whether it be as an extra set of eyes on your work, to encourage you when you're feeling flat about your art, or to pull you out of a stubborn bout of procrastination.

Everyone in the Academy Community is here for the same reason you are - to become the absolute best comic artist they can be so that they can draw the kind of epic illustrations that got them into this fantastic medium in the first place.


That's why here, you'll have the backing of a powerful support system that reinforces your chances of success. 

And you just never know where some of the connections you make here in the community will go. It could lead to all sorts of collaborations, employment opportunities, studio partnerships, or just really solid friendships that keep that burning passion to draw comics alive within you!

In The End, Learning on Your Own Can be Really Tough... 

There's no one there to help, or give you direction. And you've got to motivate yourself to go through the learning content and make enough time to practice for it to have any effect at all.


But when you're learning in the company of others who are on the same journey, and share your interests, it makes the whole experience way more enjoyable and motivating.

That's why I believe that the coupling of the Academy's Live Classroom and Community makes for one of the most effective, and long lasting learning experiences you can possibly have. Here are the biggest advantages to being part of the HTDC Academy Community:

✔ Share Your Art: In the HTDC Academy Community we want to see what you've been working on! Showcase your latest masterpieces, talk about the journey you embarked upon to create it, the insights you learned along the way and how you surpassed the challenges you came up against.


Your art, and the story behind it will inspire others, and give you the encouragement to keep smashing your goals.

✔ Post homework, daily practice studies, and ask for help to overcome your biggest obstacles: Learning in motion is what we're all about at the HTDC Academy, which is why daily drawing exercises and practice is highly encouraged in the community!


By posting them up daily, you'll reinforce a positive habit for your artistic growth. Throughout your studies, you'll inevitably come up against roadblocks you struggle to surpass - but with a community of comic art comrades who are ready and willing to help, no obstacle will ever be too great for you to conquer!

✔ Get insightful feedback and advice from your instructors and peers: What makes for effective learning is getting feedback on the work you apply it too. Without that, there's just no way to know if you're doing it right.


That's what makes the HTDC Academy Community so valuable - here you've got artists on multiple levels who can offer their perspectives, insights and advice on how you can advance your art and the approach you take to create it.


This adds rocket fuel to the development of your drawing abilities and helps you to improve with rapid consistency. 

✔ Join our monthly art challenges and keep yourself motivated to create: Test your might with monthly drawing challenges that push the boundaries of your comic art skill-set! Now you've got a creative project to sink your teeth into - a goal to reach.


Your attention is focused, and everything you've learned and practiced will be called upon to achieve the best possible outcome. You get to experiment, expand your creativity and have fun throughout the process - what better way to expand your learning as you build a volume of work your can be proud of!

✔ Suggest new topics you'd like to learn about and features you'd like to see in the Academy: The HTDC Academy is here to serve you. That gives your feedback and suggestions a heck of a lot of weight when it comes to the direction it grows in. That's why we've dedicated an entire community category to receive your input!


If there's a new feature, lesson series, or resource you'd like added to the Academy, I want to hear from you. Same goes for any complaints or bug reports you might have. The Academy's success ultimately comes down to the amount of value you get out of being here, so my number one priority is pushing that to the absolute max!

A Vault Filled With Educational Resources For Comic Artists, That You Can Use To Level-Up Your Skills On-Demand...

Get ready to take advantage of all of this and more inside the HTDC Academy Library:


✔ Live Session Recordings: Want to rewatch the real-time lessons and critique sessions from the Academy's Live Classroom? Every single one of them is compiled and stored right here in the Academy Library.


You can stream them directly in your browser or download and keep them to watch anywhere, anytime at your own convenience. So you never have to stress about missing out on the awesome value the Academy's live events have to offer. 

✔ Comic Art Lessons: Would you like to learn about a specific topic without wading through an entire course to find it? The Academy's expansive collection of lessons gives you that option with an organized directory of training, that's been split up into individual categories.


Now you can hone in and focus on the key areas of comic book illustration that you want to master with ease and immediacy - making your approach to learning the art form much more manageable. 

✔ In-Depth Courses: The courses you'll find in the Academy's Learning Library cover a wide breath of knowledge in specialized areas of comic book illustration.


They include multiple lessons that go deep on specific topics and give you a comprehensive understanding of the subject you want to learn about. They too are categorized within the library so that you can find what it is you're looking for with minimal hassle. 

✔ Study References: Study references are incredibly useful for practicing important drawing principles through observation - a necessary skill every artist must develop to fully understand the visual qualities of their subject matter.


This includes the building blocks of the human figure, anatomy breakdowns, representing form in perspective, and pretty much any other component that goes into building a well-structured comic book illustration. 

✔ Project Files: If you've ever wanted to see a layered break down of how a comic book illustration is constructed, and get an inside look at the process used to build it - you'll have access to the raw .psd files for my artwork. 


Now you can take a look under the hood, and discover the secret layering system and modes I use to pencil, ink and color comics. With these insights you'll know the right dimensions to set your documents at and how to organize your layers for an optimal, non-destructive workflow.

✔ Time-Saving Templates: When you join the HTDC Academy, I want to make it as easy as possible for you to get to a place where you're drawing stunning comic art that you can be proud of.


One of the best way I can do that is by providing you with ready-made templates for laying out your comic book pages, designing characters, composing backgrounds, and whipping up thumbnail sketches - just to give you a few examples.


You can use these templates as references, practice studies, inspiration, or heck you can draw right over the top of them - whatever helps you learn most effectively in the fastest amount of time possible is what being in the Academy is all about. 

Landing Page Art - Line Art - 02.jpg

Can't Make It To a Live Class? No Sweat - We've Got You Covered!

Flexible Learning With On-Demand Access

You can rest assured that missing a live class or critique session will not hinder your learning experience inside the HTDC Academy! I've implemented several features to ensure that every member has complete access to the valuable content these sessions have to offer, regardless of your schedule or time zone.

Each live session is recorded and promptly made available for on-demand replay in the Live Classroom. This means that if you can't attend a session as it's happening real-time, you can easily watch it later at your convenience.


These replays aren't just mere recordings either; they capture the entire essence of the live sessions, including the interactions and discussions between students and instructor, ensuring you don't miss out on any part of the learning experience.

The Live session recordings are also archived in the HTDC Academy Learning Library. As a member, you have unlimited access to this vault of content, allowing you to download and revisit the sessions at anytime.

The flexibility offered by the HTDC Academy is a significant advantage to any aspiring artist looking to learn, especially if you're balancing other commitments in your life like work and family. It ensures that your path to comic art mastery isn't spoiled when you can't attend the live sessions.

What If You Already Own Some Of My Courses?

You Might Be Wondering What the Big Difference Is Between The HTDC Academy and the Previous Learning Programs I've Put Out in The Past... Well My Friend, Get Ready for a Whole New Level of Learning That'll Knock Your Socks Off!

As soon as you sign up to the HTDC Academy you'll have instant access to every single course I've created to date. Consider these training packages as a complimentary gift from me to you... because they're just the cherry on top when it comes to everything the HTDC Academy has to offer.

You're about to experience a level of learning that is impossible to get from a regular course or Youtube video. The HTDC Academy's key focus is on fully immersing you in an interactive learning experience that gets you results through real-time application of the knowledge you're being taught - then giving you critical feedback so that you can properly master the methods and techniques you're being shown.

While you can try to motivate yourself to achieve this with a regular online course, the unfortunate truth is that motivation comes and goes. But the HTDC Academy facilitates your learning pathway, making it much easier to hold yourself accountable so that you can put in the necessary time and practice to achieve real results.

The HTDC Academy achieves these outcomes by introducing additional key elements to the learning process:

✔ Accountability: Take advantage of the Academy's jam-packed calendar of upcoming live events to help you show up consistently, do the work and make more progress than ever before.


✔ Real-time, interactive lessons: Engage in live, interactive lessons where you can learn, ask questions and get feedback real-time. This takes your training to a whole new level of immersion, that gets you focused and in the zone.

✔ Practical application: The HTDC Academy focuses on providing practical, hands-on drawing exercises that help you turn knowledge into tangible results. 

✔ Personalized feedback: Receive valuable feedback on your work from experienced instructors. This personalized guidance can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to grow and improve more effectively.

✔ Community: Surround yourself with the most amazing community of artists from around the world, who share your passion for drawing comics. The Academy Community provides support, encouragement, and a platform for exchanging ideas and experiences.

Here you'll find a much more comprehensive and engaging learning experience than what you can get out of a regular course. So even if you already own most of my courses - the HTDC Academy is still well worth joining if you're ready to rapidly ramp up your comic art skill-set.

Here's a simple breakdown of what that looks like...​

Learn 🡢 Apply 🡢 Get Feedback 🡢 Refine Practice 🡢 Level-Up

Landing Page Art - Line Art - 07.jpg

Why You Should Join HTDC Academy

There's No End To Your Artistic Potential... Unlock it Today

Joining the How To Draw Comics Academy is the right decision for anyone passionate about drawing comics, offering a wealth of benefits that cater to both beginners and seasoned artists.


Here’s what’s in it for you and why joining today is a choice you won't regret:

✔ Comprehensive Learning Resources: The Academy offers an extensive array of educational materials, from in-depth video lessons and courses to interactive workshops. This content covers a broad spectrum of topics in comic book illustration, ensuring that you'll receive a well-rounded education, from fundamental drawing skills to advanced character design and storytelling techniques.

✔ Interactive and Live Learning Experiences: Unlike many online courses that offer only pre-recorded content, HTDC Academy provides live sessions where students can interact with instructors in a real-time, virtual setting. This interactive approach to learning forges a deeper understanding of techniques and concepts, with the added benefit of immediate feedback and personalized guidance.

✔ Flexibility and Convenience: Recognizing the varying schedules of its members, the Academy offers flexible learning options. If you miss a live session, you can access on-demand replays and downloadable content from the Academy's Learning Library at any time, giving you the opportunity to learn at your own pace and convenience.

✔ A Thriving Community: Membership in the HTDC Academy also means becoming part of an inspiring and supportive community. Here, you can share your work, receive feedback, engage in discussions, and connect with like-minded artists who share your passion for comic art.

✔ Regularly Updated Content: The field of comic book illustration is ever-evolving, and so is the Academy’s curriculum. New content is regularly added, ensuring that members always have access to the latest techniques, trends, and industry insights.

✔ Tailored to All Skill Levels: Whether you're a novice just starting out or an experienced artist looking to refine your skills, the Academy has something for everyone. Our diverse range of courses and resources caters to different skill levels and interests across the board.

✔ Long-Term Investment in Your Artistic Journey: Joining the HTDC Academy is an investment in your artistic growth and career. The skills, knowledge, and connections you gain here can open doors to new opportunities and help you realize your full potential as a comic artist.

Joining the HTDC Academy today means stepping into a realm of learning where training is continuous, support is constant, and your passion for comic art is shared and nurtured. It’s an opportunity to not only enhance your skills but also to be part of a community that values artistic growth.


With the HTDC Academy, you're not just enrolling in a course; you're embarking on a journey to master the art of comics.

"But Clay...

I’ve Taken Other Courses and Signed up for Memberships That Promised I'd Become a Better Artist, But Nothing Really Changed... How is this one any different?"

Hey listen, I totally get it. With so many courses and memberships out there, all claiming to be the best, it’s really hard to figure out which ones are actually worth your time and hard-earned money.

I'm very up front when it comes to the challenges aspiring artists face on their way to mastery. The truth is there’s no magic pills. All those amazing artists you look up to only show you the finished product. But you don't get to see the years of study and practice that went into them being able to pull it off in the first place.

But I truly believe the next best thing is this: Surround yourself with other artists who are on the same journey as you… and learn from those who’ve made it further than they ever dreamed possible.

No more trying to figure this stuff out alone. No more wondering if you're approaching it in the right way.

It’s time to unleash your potential and reach the epitome of what you can be as an elite comic book artist. Join the HTDC Academy today and get instant access to everything you need to fully realize your artistic potential!

I Wish I Could Just Download This Stuff into Your Brain and You'd Instantly Know How To Do It...

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A Guarantee You Can Trust

Join The HTDC Academy Today, Knowing That your Artistic Growth And Satisfaction Is Our Top Priority

I believe 100% in the incredible power of the HTDC Academy and what it can do for you as an artist. Joining will mark a moment in time when your artwork changed for the better, and you'll look back on the decision you make today as one of the best investments you could've ever made.

I'm so sure of this, that I'm going to back up everything I'm promising you here with a 14-day money back guarantee to make it completely risk free for to join right now. So let me keep this simple...

When you enroll today, you’ll get full access to everything - the live lessons, feedback sessions, learning library, community and all the other perks the Academy has on offer. Take 14 days to experience it all, and connect with the community.

If you don’t think it’s for you, just send me an email at and I’ll refund your first month! It’s that simple. No risk for you, just a 14-day opportunity to learn something new, make some new friends and make some real progress in your art.

I can give you this guarantee with complete confidence!

Plus you have the option to cancel at anytime or stay, develop your drawing abilities and become part of our growing comic artist community.

Sometimes All You Need Is a True Believer...

Someone Who Supports You and Pushes You to be The Best Possible Artist You Can Be!

Now imagine what you could achieve with an entire community of art pals in your corner (including me), who all had your back and wanted to see you succeed? 


Who are there to build you up when you're feeling discouraged and you've lost faith in yourself. Who help celebrate your victories, and encourage you to ascend to even greater heights within your art? Not to mention all the comic art resources, and training you could ever need.


How powerful would that be? How much more progress could you make? And what would your artwork look like a year from now if you invested in your passion today?

You can keep day dreaming, and talking about the amazing comic books you'll create someday, or you could take action today and make it a reality.

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A Reminder of Everything You'll Get Each Month When You Join

 Weekly Live Q&A ($97/Month Value)

 Interactive Live Classes ($397/Month Value)

Access to The Academy Community (Priceless)

 Masterclass Demonstrations ($99/Month Value)

Immersive Monthly Workshops ($197/Month Value)

 Weekly Drawing Gym Sessions ($297/Month Value)

 Feedback And Critique Sessions ($249/Month Value)

 Clayton's Complete Course Collection ($251/Month Value)

 Access To The Academy Learning Library ($297/Month Value)

References, Templates, and Learning Plans ($97/Month Value)

That's over $1,981 worth of comic art training and coaching you'll get each month - but you have access to it today for $54.00 $10/Month!

Your Special 80% Discount Expires In:


PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE JOINING: If You Have ANY of These Red Flags, The HTDC Academy Is NOT For You...

🚩 Lack of Clear Goals and Vision: If you don't have a clear vision of what you want to achieve as a comic artist, you might find it challenging to benefit from the HTDC Academy. This is a place for those who dream big and have specific goals in mind.

🚩 Inconsistent Commitment: The journey of becoming a skilled comic artist demands consistent effort and dedication. If you're not ready to commit, you won't fully appreciate the Academy's value. Ideal students are those who are eager to invest time and energy into their passion.

🚩 Seeking Quick Fixes: Comic art mastery is not achieved overnight. If you're looking for instant results without putting in the work, this isn't the place for you. The HTDC Academy welcomes those who understand that great art takes dedication and practice.

🚩 Difficulty Accepting Constructive Criticism: Feedback and critiques are essential for growth. If you find it hard to take on constructive criticism, you may struggle here. Our community thrives on mutual support and constructive feedback.

🚩 Preference for Non-Interactive Learning: If Live, real-time learning experiences aren't something you're eager to attend, the HTDC Academy might not be what you're looking for.


Our Academy is ideal for those who thrive in interactive, engaging learning environments - where they can ask questions, receive feedback and get personalized guidance from their instructor.

🚩Unwillingness to Utilize Available Resources: The HTDC Academy offers a range of resources designed to enhance your learning. If you're not motivated to make the most of these opportunities, there's a good chance you won't experience the full benefits.


The Academy is perfect for those who seek to explore and use every tool at their disposal.

🚩 Dabbling Without Direction: If you tend to dabble in various hobbies without a focused approach, you might not be prepared to invest yourself in the HTDC Academy's structured learning programs.


We're looking for focused individuals who are passionate about comic art and willing to delve deep into this visual storytelling medium.

On The Other Hand...

If you're deeply passionate about drawing comics and are eager to immerse yourself in a dynamic and interactive learning environment, the How To Draw Comics Academy is the perfect place for you.


It's an ideal opportunity for those who are not only enthusiastic about exploring various comic styles and techniques but also committed to honing their craft with dedication and focus.


The Academy thrives with a hands-on, community-oriented approach, making it a great fit for artists who value networking, sharing experiences, and growing alongside others.

Whether you're a beginner with big dreams or an experienced artist seeking to refine your skills, the HTDC Academy offers a structured, comprehensive curriculum tailored to help you achieve your artistic goals.


With experienced instructors providing professional guidance and a supportive learning space that encourages growth through constructive feedback, the academy is your one-way ticket to mastery.


Joining the HTDC Academy means more than just learning; it's about being part of a legacy of artists, embarking on a journey where your passion for comics is nurtured and your talents are developed for success.


This is where your artistic aspirations meet opportunity, and where your journey towards becoming a skilled comic artist truly begins.

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Are You Ready To...

Expand your learning with a growing library of content that'll give you the methods and techniques to create stunning comic art. Request the topics you want to learn about most, and watch as the Academy Vault fills with new content that's curated to meet your learning needs. 

Get real-time, personalized guidance with Live On-Air classes, critiques, and Q&A sessions. Interreact with your instructor and classmates, ask the questions you need answers to, overcome the challenges that have been holding you back - and watch your art continuously improve, week after week.

Improve with consistency as you hold yourself accountable inside a community of like-minded, driven artists who all want to see you succeed. Enhance your progress with their feedback, feel motivated by their encouragement and help others with your own insights and experiences.

Ensure the accuracy of your characters with figure drawing breakdowns, anatomy references and proportion charts that are readily available for you to download and print for personal use. 

Draw powerful character designs, awe-inspiring environments and lay out comic book pages with premade templates that'll save you time and hassle. Speed up your process by building your art off a rock solid base you can study and learn from.

Get a constant stream of comic art know-how delivered to you every month.

Choose Your Plan

Join The How to Draw Comics Academy Today and Start Your Journey to Becoming a Skilled and Accomplished Comic Artist.

When you take advantage of this special offer today using the discount code COMIC30, you'll only ever pay $27.00 $19/Month until you cancel your membership.

Offer Expires In:

For a limited time, you can save 30% off your membership with the special code COMIC30.

  • Monthly Subscription

    Every month
    Monthly Membership to the How to Draw Comics Academy
    • Step By Step Video Tutorials
    • Interactive Live Classes
    • Hands-On Practice Sessions
    • Feedback & Critique Sessions
    • Access to The Academy Community
    • Monthly Workshops & Demonstrations
    • Access To The Academy Learning Program
    • Clayton's Complete Course Collection
    • References, Templates, and Learning Plans
    • Brushes and PSD Project Files
  • Annual Subscription

    Every year
    Annual Membership to the How to Draw Comics Academy
    • Everything included in the Monthly subscription plan
    • $324 value — you save $54!

14-day money back guarantee. Cancel at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The How To Draw Comics Academy is a membership service that provides aspiring comic artists with valuable resources to enhance their skills. With your membership, you'll gain instant access to an extensive library of video lessons, courses, and workshops. This content is updated with new material every month. Additionally, you can participate in weekly live Q&A sessions, drawing classes, and critique sessions. Plus, you'll become a part of a community of dedicated artists who are committed to improving their drawing abilities.

  • The HTDC Academy Vault is packed with a wide range of video lessons and courses, covering various aspects of comic art and illustration. You'll find lessons on character design, storytelling, inking, coloring, and much more. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, you'll discover content that suits your skill level and helps you progress in the world of comics.

  • We update our library with fresh content every month. This ensures that our members have access to the latest tips, techniques, and trends in the world of comic art.

  • Our weekly live Q&A sessions are an excellent opportunity to interact directly with experienced instructors. These sessions occur regularly, and you can ask questions, seek advice, and gain insights into the art of comic drawing. It's a great chance to get real-time guidance and connect with fellow artists.

  • Our drawing classes are designed to help you improve your skills through hands-on practice. They cover various aspects of comic art, such as anatomy, perspective, and composition. The critique sessions provide a platform for you to receive feedback on your work from Clayton, allowing you to refine your techniques and grow as an artist.

  • Yes, absolutely. When you join the How To Draw Comics Academy, you become part of a community of motivated artists who share your passion for comic art. You can connect with fellow members, share your work, and collaborate on projects. It's a supportive environment for artists to learn, grow, and network.

  • Signing up is easy! Simply visit our website and follow the registration process. You can choose the monthly or annual membership plan, and you'll gain instant access to all the resources and benefits mentioned. Start your journey towards becoming a better comic artist today! If you have any more questions or need further assistance, feel free to contact Clayton at, and he'll be happy to help you on your artistic journey.

  • Currently, we exclusively accept PayPal as the payment method for our memberships. PayPal offers a secure and convenient way to manage your subscription to the How To Draw Comics Academy.

  • Please note that we do not offer refunds for memberships to the How To Draw Comics Academy. Our monthly and annual subscription is non-refundable. However, we do offer the flexibility for members to unsubscribe at any time. If you ever decide to discontinue your subscription, you can easily do so. If you have any questions or concerns before joining or if you decide to cancel your subscription, please don't hesitate to reach out to Clayton at, and he'll be happy to assist you.

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