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"Learn How To Draw Your Characters In Proportion"


The "Figure Drawing Foundations: Proportions" eBook is a must have 34 Page guide for every aspiring comic book artist who wants to learn how to draw their characters with accurate proportions. 

Here's what you'll learn inside the book.

  • How to Spot and Fix the Proportional Errors Within Your Characters

  • How to Draw Characters in Proportion at Different Ages

  • How to Draw the Common, Comic Book Character Types in Proportion

  • How to Apply Proportions in Perspective

The best part is you don’t have to wait for this book to come in the mail, or drive to a store to get it. You can download it right now for only $10.

Learn At Home With Our Courses


If you're ready to delve deeper into the art of comic book illustration, below you'll find a collection of premium courses that drill down into the core topics of drawing, inking and coloring comics. 

Drawing Dynamic Superheros
By David Finch
Drawing Backgrounds & Perspective
By David Finch
Figure Pose Pack 1
By David Finch
How To Draw Fight Scenes
Luis Miguel
Figure Drawing: Proportions
By Clayton Barton
Character Creator: Superheroines
By Clayton Barton
How To Light Characters & Scenes
By Clayton Barton
How To Make Comics
By Ed Foychuk
How To Draw Anatomy
By Ed Foychuk
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Step By Step Tutorials


The Tutorial Library is an growing learning resource for artists who want to learn how to draw their own comic books. Our step by step lessons cover the fundamental principles you must know when it comes to dynamic drawing.

How To Draw The Torso: Back
By Joe Catapano
How To Draw Legs
By Ed Foychuk
How To Draw The Torso: Front
By Joe Catapano
How to Draw Hands
By Joe Catapano
Gesture Drawing
By Joe Catapano
How to Draw Ears
By Joe Catapano
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Video Demonstrations


One of the best ways to learn comic book illustration is by watching over the shoulder of another artist. Our video demonstrations give you that opportunity! 

Goliath: Pencils - Part 4
The Importance of Foundations & Correcting Mistakes
Goliath: Pencils - Part 3
Rendering Chrome Materials & Glossy Metals
Goliath: Pencils - Part 2
Crosshatching Techniques For Rendering Forms & Materials
Comic Art Class: Episode 3
Color, Value & Lighting - Part 1 | With Ric Bülow, Aaron Bartling & Katie Price
Goliath: Pencils - Part 1
Establishing Foundations, Defining Contours & Shadow
Pain Colors
Flatting, Rendering & Building Up Forms
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The How To Draw Comics


Learn the art of drawing comics on the go with the HTDC Podcast. You'll gain insight into the mindset and motivation needed to succeed as a comic book illustrator, as well as valuable insights passed down from experienced guest artists.

Latest Articles From The Blog


New articles are added to our blog on a weekly basis. They cover a range of useful topics for comic artists that aim to expand your understanding and knowledge of the medium. 

Have You Ever Wanted To

Learn How To Draw Comics? 

I’m talking about drawing your own legendary superheroes, sexy heroins, vicious villains and the fantastic worlds their stories take place?

If you have, this is the site for you!

Here on How to Draw Comics. Net you’re going to discover the same techniques taught year in and year out to my students who’ve used what they've learned to visually tell their stories in the most compelling, dynamic and immersive ways possible. At How to Draw Comics. Net you'll discover an extensive library of comic art tutorials that'll teach you...

  • How to draw your own comic book characters using the must know fundamentals of figure drawing, proportions and anatomy.

  • How to give them powerful poses that leave an impact, purely from your imagination.

  • How to create stunning comic book sequences and compelling panel layouts that get readers hooked on your stories.

  • Advanced perspective and foreshortening techniques that make your comic book characters pop off of the page with depth and dimension.

All of which have been designed to give you the freedom to create your comic book illustrations and sequential art work without being confined to observation or reference material. 


Erika Williams

I'm so glad I found this site! I was looking for a one-stop-shop to help improve my drawing skills, and all of the free resources here are so helpful. I've even begun investing in more of the paid courses and I can't recommend them highly enough. Thank you so much to the HTDC team for helping me improve!

Gabriela Lup-Negru

I feel like the knowledge shared here is much easier to comprehend (for me at least) so that's why I stuck to their tutorials over others that I found on youtube. Plus I love it that here you can find the basics to a lot of things, easily explained, so it's a great place to get you started, but also to learn more advanced stuff.

Izik Bell

The HTDC community has been a constant source of inspiration for me as an artist; its effect on my growth has been immeasurable. Over the years, I've watched it grow from a small community to a bustling epicenter ripe with creators of all backgrounds and skill sets.

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