Comic Art Video Tutorials

It's one thing to learn about the techniques and methods used to create a Comic Book illustration, but where, when and how do you apply them? These video tutorials reveal it all as they walk you through each stage of the drawing process.

Goliath: Pencils - Part 4
The Importance of Foundations & Correcting Mistakes
Goliath: Pencils - Part 3
Rendering Chrome Materials & Glossy Metals
Goliath: Pencils - Part 2
Crosshatching Techniques For Rendering Forms
Comic Art Class: Episode 3
Color, Value & Lighting - Part 1 | With Ric Bülow, Aaron Bartling & Katie Price
Goliath: Pencils - Part 1
Establishing Foundations, Defining Contours & Shadow
Pain Colors
Flatting, Rendering & Building Up Forms
Boarork The Brute: Pencils 4
Creating Context & Immersion With Backgrounds
Comic Art Class: Episode 2
Figure Drawing & Gesture (With Ric Bülow, Robert Marzullo & Anaïs Castillo)
Boarork The Brute: Pencils 3
Adding Depth & Enhancing Readability
Comic Art Class: Episode 1
References for Figure Drawing | With Ric Bülow, Aaron Bartling & Katie Price
Swift Shock Colors
Choosing a Color Scheme, Lighting & Rendering
Boarork The Brute: Pencils 2
Applying Line Weights & Cross Hatch Rendering
Female Faces: Downward Side View
Downward Angle - Side View
Boarork The Brute: Draft
Refining Your Style & Fixing Mistakes
Ghost Concept Colors
Base Color Schemes & Rendering Materials
Arachnomorphette Headshot
Conveying Narrative
Character Design: Swift Shock
Creating a Congruent Design & Working With Clients
Anatomy of The Male Figure
Throughout this tutorial one of the key themes we’ll be concentrating on for both the mannequin model and muscle structure of the male figure is ‘form’.
Creature Design: Arachnomorphette
In this creature design tutorial we’ll be drawing the Arachomorphette, the female counterpart to the Arachnomorph Alpha. Would you believe she’s even fiercer?
Downward 3/4 View of The Female Head
In this tutorial you'll learn how to draw the female head from the top down and bottom up perspectives in the three quarter view.
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