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Character Creator: Superheroines

Inking Line Weights, Crosshatching & Rendering (Course Preview)

In today’s video I’ll be sharing a full length lesson from my course "Comic Book Character Creator: Superheroines" that'll teach you how to ink female comic book characters. If you like it, click below get the full course:

Superheroines Banner 300x1000.jpg

Throughout this tutorial you’ll learn a multitude of inking techniques that’ll give you the ability to ink your characters with sharp, streamlined contours.

We’ll be using the G-Pen in Manga Studio (Clip Studio Paint) to ink up Zing, the first Superheroine featured in my course. I’ll share the settings I use for the G-Pen, and how I calibrate my brush size with  the amount of pressure I apply when inking to get the line I’m looking for.

I’ll show you how to use line weight variation to add interest and visual appeal to the outline of your characters. We’ll discuss crosshatching, and how you can use it to shade the forms throughout their design to give them vivid depth and dimension. You’ll also learn how to render textures and materials convincingly as I share with you my favorite approach to detailing.

This lesson is absolutely packed with a ton of useful information on the art of inking coming book characters, and I know you’re going to take away a lot of value from it. I’ve meticulously scripted and planned everything out in this lesson to break down my exact approach to inking in the clearest, most comprehensive way possible. 

I sincerely hope that you’ll put what you’re about to learn here to good use.

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Software Used: Manga Studio


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