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StarVeil #1 - Cover
StarVeil #1 - Preview 1
StarVeil #1 - Preview 2
StarVeil #1 - Preview 3


Hello! My name is Dave Rapoza, I'm a freelance illustrator, been working for many years producing ad work for movies, and art for video games! I love my job, but secretly always dreamed of doing something narrative. Stand alone art for games is fun but I've had so many stories in my head and hadn't been able to find any real way to make them possible and still pay bills and fill my mouth with food. Thanks to Patreon I have an outlet to create and fund my projects! 

Hopefully you've clicked the link above and read what I have finished so far with StarVeil. This is an on going series that I hope to finish with your help. Funding allows me to take time away from client work which would otherwise occupy my day to day and make it pretty much impossible to sustain a workflow on any personal projects. Contributing as little as $1 would be a huge help and would go a long way to helping me make a fully realized StarVeil! -


Written By: Dave Rapoza
Art By: Dave Rapoza

Sci-Fi Fantasy

Color/B&W: Color
Release Date: 08/28/2013
Age Rating: PG
Digital Format: Blog

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