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Remnants #1 - Cover

Remnants #1

Rise Of The Ammonites


Set in a distant future of Earth where an apocalyptic event, known as The Fall, has brought the human race to extinction. For all their intellect and ingenuity, humans could not rise above their nature. Humanity was plagued with greed, intolerance and the need to dominate all things. War became the solution to all issues of religion, race or creed. In the end, they sowed the seeds of their own destruction. The world now belongs to the many varieties of genetic hybrids, Chimeras, that were created to serve humanity. It is now 65 years after The Fall. It is a new beginning for the Chimeras, but the seeds of destruction are growing once again, among the Remnants of man.


Written By: Russell Oldham
Illustrated By: Russell Oldham


Sci-Fi, Fantasy

About The Book

Page Count: 28
Color/B&W: Color
Age Rating: PG
Digital Format: PDF

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