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Rage #4 - Cover
Rage 4 - Preview 1
Rage 4 - Preview 2
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Rage #4

The First Night


The Rage Team vs Erasmus' Werewolves: Round Two!

Rage; The legendary Bane of Demons - along with High Mage Nicodemus, Princess Ariane, and Tuk have all been sent on a new quest by Kothas, King of Arthkan. Having learned that Tuk is in possession of a powerful lucky charm that was once his - the Bracelet of Chance - and magically unable to take it by force, the sorcerer Erasmus has been trying to no avail to convince the little vagrant to give it to him. Following Rage and his companions closely, Erasmus and the werewolf Serk have devised a plan to isolate Tuk.


Written By: Eric Peyron
Pencils & Inks By: Alex Nascimento

Colors By: Alex Nascimento


Action, Fantasy

About The Book

Page Count: 35
Color/B&W: Color
Age Rating: PG
Digital Format: PDF

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