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Big Man Down #3 - Cover
Rage 3 - Preview 1
Rage 3 - Preview 2
Rage 3 - Preview 3

Rage #3

Twilight Epilation


The fight against Erasmus’ werewolves begins, in a story written by Eric Peyron, with art & cover by Alex Nascimento, and colors by Dijjo Lima!


A pack of werewolves is attacking our four unlikely heroes, and there’s no silver weapon in sight! Be there as we continue this multi-part action-packed saga, featuring werewolves! A lot of werewolves!


Written By: Eric Peyron
Pencils & Inks By: Alex Nascimento

Colors By: Alex Nascimento


Action, Fantasy

About The Book

Page Count: 34
Color/B&W: Color
Age Rating: PG
Digital Format: PDF

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