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What Are the Requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission for a Doctoral Dissertation?

To defend a dissertation work, you need not only to write an interesting, competent scientific work, but also to format it correctly. As a rule, all matters related to the defense of doctoral works are handled by the highest attestation commission, which dictates its own specific rules of the game. Therefore, you should know from the very beginning, so as not to make too annoying and ridiculous mistakes with the post.

General requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission for a doctoral dissertation

In fact, there are not so many general requirements, but at the same time they are all quite important and serious. Among the most common are the following:

  • The outcome of the study should be regarded as a scientific achievement.

  • The work must be author's, i.e., written independently.

  • You can borrow someone else's material to reinforce your own thoughts, but in this case, you need to give footnotes to the original, as well as use citation.

  • The doctoral conclusion should contain information on the practical application of the results obtained. If the work is purely theoretical, then at the end it is necessary to indicate at least recommendations for practical use.

  • You can defend only that dissertation work, parts of which have already been published in various scientific publications.

  • The results obtained in the course of the study should correspond to the tasks set earlier.

What are the requirements for the number of publications?

This point is quite important, since the Higher Attestation Commission requires a certain number of publications from applicants for a given scientific degree, in which specific developments would be presented that directly relate to the dissertation doctoral work. As a rule, the number of publications is determined by the scientific field in which the doctoral student specializes:

  • usually, the humanities need to publish at least fifteen printed materials;

  • for other disciplines, the minimum threshold is lower - from ten articles and above.

It is worth noting that patents are also equated to publications, so if you have them, then immediately use them to make your work a little easier.

What are the requirements for a PhD candidate?

The main requirement is to have a Ph.D. That is, a person applying for the degree of Doctor of Science must receive a higher education, and then also unlearn in graduate school.

Such a rather thorny stepwise path is quite capable of cutting off from this title those people who are not ready for long-term serious work. At the same time, the selection taking place at such a high level may show that only those who are really professionals in their field are allowed to defend a doctoral thesis.

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