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Why You Can't Focus on Your Art

These days there are so many alluring distractions to detract our attention away from our art that it can feel impossible to get to work on what matters.

We start the day out answering emails, catching up on our social media time lines, responding to comments, scrolling through Instagram, pwning some noobs in Call of Duty, sharing some memes, maybe watching a few cat videos on Youtube - and before we know the whole day is wasted.

It all comes down to dopamine - the neural transmitter in our brain the tickles it's reward center and tell us we're doing a good job. Problem is, we've got all sorts of things falsely setting dopamine off, draining our receptors and leaving us with a sense of achievement that isn't attached to any worthy accomplishment.

Once upon a time, things like drawing were what rightly delivered us that feel good hit of dopamine - so that we'd keep doing it. Not so much anymore. And with all these over stimulating, achievement imposters lurking around every corner, is it any wonder anything worth doing that takes effort and patience is almost impossible to stick with?

In this video I talk about how to get around that stuff so you can make progress on your projects once again, whether it be that commission you've got due in in a few days, or that comic book you've been meaning to get done.

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(Thumbnail art by Mike Deodato).

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