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The Brave New World of Comics (With Dan Lawlis)

Veteran comic artist Dan Lawlis joins us today for a long awaited interview.

The moment I saw Dan’s work - I knew this was a guy I needed to talk comics with (and hopefully collaborate with someday too).

He’s worked for a bunch of comic book companies, and on a ton of titles throughout the decades - and now, after stepping away to do a stint in storyboarding and advertising, he’s returned to a brave new world of opportunity for comic creators that simply never existed before.

And now he’s having more fun in comics than ever before!

  • Here’s what we’re talking about in today’s interview

  • How comics broke Dan Lawlis’s heart.

  • What not to do if you want your art to have energy and soul.

  • The weird effect ‘over-thinking’ has on your art.

  • How to draw accurately, while making your art less generic

  • How to get mentored by your favourite artists - for free.

  • The profound connection between making comics, and making movies.

  • The cutting-edge new way of making and marketing comics.

  • The one missing element that causes traditional comics to win out over digital every time.

Enjoy the show.


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