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Sketch Book Session: Drawing For The Sake of Drawing

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

Do you struggle to come up with compelling ideas that are both original and memorable?

There’s a number of things that can get in the way of our creativity - and one of the major culprits is over-thinking the technical side of an illustration.

This essentially Short Circuits your creativity and stifles your natural, artistic intuition.

In turn, drawing becomes less fun, unfulfilling and anything we do manage to get down on the page looks and feels uninspired.

We have a tendancy to fall into this zone of stagnation when we’re in the mid-learning phase of our drawing journey.

Even when we've reached the end of it, after we’ve learned all the in’s and out’s of drawing practice and technique, it can be hard to unbind ourselves and release our creativity.

The rules we learned to help us, ultimately confine us if we don't learn how to let them go.

We’ve got to remember that the fundamental principles of drawing best serve us as tools, to help us along the way if we get stuck.

Thinking of them in this way means we’re able to work within the context of our ideas.

We can think and express freely, without being worried about the technical aspects of the drawing because we know once that idea is captured, it can be constructed using form, perspective, value, composition, etc. 

Now those rules can be bent around the idea, instead of limiting it.

How To Get More Creative

Creativity can be stimulated by drawing for the sake of drawing. Actively setting aside some time throughout the day, to sit down with your sketchbook and just draw whatever comes to mind will condition you to generate ideas more readily.

At the same time, it’ll help take the edge off having to make your art perfect.

Sketching aimlessly can be extremely relaxing, and the coolest part is, because your mind is relaxed and open, it’s very likely you’ll come up with ideas that are surprisingly original.

You might even take those ideas and build upon them, refine them and turn them into something real.

To become more creative you must transition into a state of creativity - that’s what I want to talk to you about in this video.

I hope you’ll follow along with a sketchbook and pencil, and sketch out some of your own ideas while you listen.



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