Sequential Summer Slam Winners

Well, our Sequential Summer Slam was a HUGE success! Around 40 pieces were done up and the artists gained tons of experience.

Each entry had its strengths and weaknesses. You could see the different levels of experience being played out, but each artist gave it their all. As judges, we looked for execution of the script, proficiency and basic fundamentals, and overall style and flourish. Looking at the pieces without any names attached was perfect, ALL of our focus was just on the art.

Below are our top three winners.

Their contact information is also listed, and honestly, any company would be well served to take a hard look at these talents. There’s a lot of skill on display here.

1st Place: Dominic Oziren Omoarukhe


2nd Place: Mike Van Orden


3rd Place: Daniel Ganish


A big thanks to everyone who entered the competition. The amount of talent we saw demonstrated in all your entries was absolutely phenomenal!


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