Sequential Summer Slam 2020

Welcome to our second annual - Sequential Summer Slam!! This is the contest you’ve been waiting for. This is the one that’ll finally give you the nudge to get off your pin-up seat, and start working on sequential pages.

We all know that Anatomy, Form, Structure, Perspective… they’re all important for making comics. But the most important, the holy grail of sorts, is storytelling. And in our medium, there’s no better way than through sequential panels.

This friendly contest is designed to help you grow with that. To grow as an artist AND a storyteller. So take this time before the summer sets in to really get yourself on the right track, and join on in. This is for the HTDCs community to come together and learn, both from the experience, and from each other.

Here's your script.

Rules: All content must be created for this contest. Finished work is not required, but it must be newly done by you (no 3D or screencaps allowed).

The contest starts May 15th, and the deadline is June 30th(firm). All entries must be submitted to Teams are welcome to submit. The contest will be judged by our HTDCs administrators. More than one entry is allowed.

Rewards: Top winner will receive $100USD via PayPal Top 3 winners will be featured on the HTDCs website along with contact details Top 5 winners will receive a free course of their choice from the HTDCs website Top 10 (or possibly more) will receive personal video feedback from the judges.

Good luck!

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