Ric Reviews "Kozor #1" - By Korey Barton

Kozor is a dark fantasy tale about the mighty warrior, Chief Baron and his clan of swordsmen who embark on a quest into the treacherous swamp lands of Nimlaar in search for the mysterious faceless people.

From the very beginning of this first issue, the reader gets directly thrown into the thick of things; No slow build up, no customary character introductions as many perhaps are used to from more mainstream comics and no real explanations to anything. You're simply taken along for the ride.

At first, I will admit, that this was a little tough for me, not knowing anything about what I was getting into here, but it quickly turned from confusion and struggle, to excitement and respect.

The approach to comic book storytelling here, is from the beginning to the end very differet. Barton is taking chances left and write in creating his own way of telling a story, and even though it could easily fail immensely in its attempts to be different and risk taking, it succeeds really well.