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Ric reviews "Captain Corea #1" by Ed Foychuk

Captain Corea is a character created by Ed Foychuk.


Alright, let me start of with saying, that I have read this issue alot. Self bought in the store back when it first got released on the page here and in total after I think I've managed to get 8-10 read throughs of it. So this review will NOT be a review from me reading it the first, however a review from me, after having read it time and time again. After reading the other reviews I've done so far, that was both sci-fi and fantasy, I felt a need to add a review of something I think alot of us see being the main subject for the comics we read: Superheroes. So here we go! Created and drawn by Ed Foychuk and co-written by Jason Burnett Captain Corea #1 is pretty much everything I want from a Superhero book: It have an easy to follow story, no unnecessary and boring sit-down conversations that drag on for 3-4 pages that is an attempt to build some love for the character, like other comics may tend to do. Captain Corea's first page introduces you to the main protagonist of the story, with a close up of him waking up, after a battle. You may feel as if you missed something, but worry not. The writing doe its job great here, by grabbing your attention immediately, by giving you what you paid for and THEN explaining the origin story afterwards. You get introduced to the man behind the superhero suit and it's not a billionaire, or a lab experimented supersoldier, or avatar of some god. No. It's simply a man. A man with an average life, average job (Or is it truly average?) and an average life. So boringly average it actually makes you smile a little, as the approach towards that is kind of funny.

Captain Corea, brings you the most average of Protagonists, you may have seen yet and that's a good thing.


Without spoiling too much, this average bloke named Kim (even the name's average) happens to stumble upon a supersuit. The suit of the already wellknown and famous superhero Captain Corea. How he gets it and why he begins wearing it, is for you to find out by buying and reading this story. I'm not telling you. The overall feel of the comic is lighthearted and enjoyable. It's not dark or grim or overly spiritual feeling. It feels..... Well, average. And average is sometimes needed. Especially with all the thousands of superhero stories around these day, a down to earth, straight forward superhero story is delightfully appreciated and you get exactly what you want from a comic in the superhero genre: You get entertained from page one! As I read this, each and everytime I found myself feeling reminiscent of when I read "Invincible" by Robert Kirkman, because the feeling of a breath of fresh life in something as old as the Superhero genre is, was there in Captain Corea, the same way I felt it being in Invincible. By now, most reading these reviews are also familiar with Ed Foychuk and his work. A teacher alongside Clayton Barton and the rest of HTDC and a major superhero geek, which is evident in this first issue of his comic as well. He manages with his great sense of anatomy knowledge and fine lining of art, mixed with his very signature approach to colouring, to present a comic, that I could've seen been done in one of the big two companies as well. The art is great and easy to follow, though there are places where you can tell, this was made some years ago, where he may still have lacked knowledge in some aspects of comicbook art. I look forward to the next issues as this, as I am sure, with how much work that are put in them, they will most certainly continue to breath some much needed into a genre that have started feeling way to repetitive to properly enjoy. I give this one 8 out of 10 lobster tails. -Ric Bülow

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