Presenting Zing From Comic Book Character Creator: Superheroines

Since there's only a few days left on the launch sale for my new Superheroine's course, I thought I'd do some last minute promo'ing for it by introducing some of the characters you'll see created throughout the featured demonstration.

First thing's first; click here to get the course for 15% off if you want it:

And if you're still here, read on. Because the first character I want to introduce to you is Zing!

She's your classic comic book superheroine in tights - sporting a latex rubber outfit for unhindered mobility and enhanced aerodynamics, a couple hard hitting hoola-hoops that'll knock you off your feet and a super powered jet pack at the back with wings that allow her to execute complex maneuvers midair.

Zing is fast and ultra agile, zipping through the sky's at speeds unseen to the naked eye. You could compare her aesthetic, fast paced movement and deadly sting to that of a hornet.

She's part of a specialized group of operatives that was formed to take out maniacal Super Villains, which in her world are few too many. Zing get's along with most of her team mates due to her open and optimistic nature - but she can come across as overconfident which tends to get on the nerves of her crime fighting super pals.

Her greatest weakness is fatigue. Because of her extreme speed and physical mobility, Zing uses up energy faster that most other Superheroines. She knows she should only use her abilities to their max in short bursts to avoid becoming incapacitated. But because of her abundance confidence, she often overestimates herself - putting her in extremely dangerous situations when she overexerts her abilities.

What I love most about this character is her design. She has an eye-catching silhouette that's unique and instantly memorable. And the shape language throughout her costuming clicks together in harmony, with a pleasing balance of contrast, color and value.

Her physique is also quite toned, but not over the top which allowed me to give her a powerful body while still maintaining a sleek, feminine appearance.

The major insights you'll get from watching the creation of Zing after you begin the course is how to design a classic female comic book character with tight fitting clothing.

You'll learn how to describe her underlying anatomy as the material hugs tightly against the body, then how to break up the costume into different values to create contrast and interest within the design - then I'll show you how to render those separated materials and make them distinct from one another.

Well that's Zing in a nut shell. I certainly intend on doing something special with her in the not too distant future (Comic Book Creator Course anyone?).