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Learn How To Draw In Context

In this video I talk about the importance of learning how to draw in the correct context - the context of comics, the context of illustration, the context of animation - the context in which you actually want to use the fundamental skills of drawing for!

There's more to drawing than just getting good at anatomy or proportions. They're worthless without reason. The utility of drawing fundamentals only comes in useful when used to actually draw an illustration. Without the repeated experience of applying the fundamentals to the construction of a real illustration - they serve no applicable purpose.

If you only ever do figure drawing and anatomy studies, you'll become a pro at drawing the human figure with great accuracy - yet choke when it comes to drawing anything else - not only do you need to learn these principles, you'll have to understand how they apply within the manner you ultimately want to use them for their full effectiveness to be truly realized.

Many artists learn the fundamentals only to be left lost as to what to do with them. And so they remain in foundational purgatory, repeating the same anatomy and figure drawing studies for years without ever utilizing the knowledge or skills they've garnered to create what they set out to create in the first place.

My hope is that this video give you insight into what to do with the fundamentals, and why it's as important to learn how they apply as it is to learn them.


(Thumbnail art from X Factor 1986 Issue 259, by Carmen Carnero).

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