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How to Draw Alluring Female Figures

In this drawing tutorial I'll show you the first part of my Bulma fanart demonstration, where you'll see how the female figure is constructed and posed with accurate proportions and anatomy.

We'll begin this drawing tutorial by sketching out four rough female figures, each posed in different positions and presented at varying angles to give us a selection of possible base drawings we could build upon.

From the set of rough female poses, I'll select the best one and begin adjusting the proportions and refining the anatomy to further solidify the base figure. Then I'll sculpt out the shape of the body, sharpening it's silhouette, and giving the overall figure a desirable, feminine appearance.

This fan art is of a character called Bulma, from the anime and manga series Dragon Ball. The feeling I wanted to capture for this piece was one of allure and intrigue; a rendition of Bulma that enhanced her most attractive, feminine features - from her anatomy, to her pose and design.

You'll see the process I go through to achieve this goal, and gain insight into my approach for drawing female figures that entrance and inspire!

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