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Feeling Too Much Pressure When Drawing?

In this video I discuss the importance of process over outcome - the art of being present while you draw.

You see, when our mind is preoccupied with the quality of our artwork or the judgment's we fear others will make about it when all is said and done - it puts an immense pressure on us to perform.

That pressure can lead to a feeling of anxiety, fear and apprehension during the drawing process, a feeling that can become tied tightly to the very thing we're most passionate about.

This results in an avoidance to partake in the drawing process. We find ourselves constantly putting it off due to the foreboding mood we've repeatedly conditioned ourselves under whenever we set out to draw something.

The only way around this is through detachment from the outcome. To think less, and simply keep the pencil moving on the page - until we find ourselves completely absorbed in the action of creation.

With this we can finely get back to enjoying the magic of drawing, unhindered by the need for it to turn out in any specific way. Now we embark on a creative journey, embracing all that comes with it, and letting the work itself take it's own form.

In the end, we're just along for the ride. It was never us leading the artwork. We were the ones being lead, simply serving as the vehicle of creativity. When we come to that realization, drawing comics becomes fun again. We rediscover that childlike excitement we once had to sit down with a pencil and paper and draw something cool.

If you've been feeling reluctant, or uninspired this video may be the key to reigniting your passion for drawing comics.


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