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Do This For Impactful Figure Drawing

In this video you'll discover how to enhance your figure drawing poses to make characters more energetic, three dimensional and visually impactful!

You'll see a real world example of how a character's pose can be redefined with roughly drawn alternatives alone, that push it to the max.

Here's what else you'll learn:

✎ How to nail the perfect pose for your characters right off the bat, so you don't have to go back and fix it later, after hours of intense rendering and detailing

✎ Why your figure drawing poses look unbalanced, and what to do about it

✎ What NEVER to do if you want to draw characters with powerful poses that look alive, instead of stiff and flat.

✎ Why everything you've learned about structuring an impactful pose is wrong, and what you should do instead to achieve better results

✎ The secret to drawing sexy female character poses

✎ How to find the right pose for a character

✎ How to avoid stiff character poses

I hope you get some value out of this tutorial and that it helps you improve your dynamic figure drawing skills.


0:00 - Introduction

1:27 - Analysing The Drawing

4:10 - Checking The Proportions

4:47 - Refining The Anatomy

5:28 - Adding Depth To The Pose

6:37 - Defining The Shape of The Female Body

7:54 - Giving The Body More Movement

9:38 - Balancing Out The Pose

10:10 - Sketching Alternative Poses

14:24 - Ideas Before Structure

15:38 - Repositioning The Pose



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