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Are You In Artist Purgatory?

Studying up on the primary drawing principles that hold together any well drawn illustration is an absolute necessity. No question about it - you can't draw without them - not well anyway.

Those who are serious about honing their comic art abilities know this. And most of the time they're diligent about their foundational studies, practicing the likes of figure drawing, anatomy, and proportions religiously.

They get real good at them too. But there's one big problem we all face with the foundations of drawing - and that's moving on from them.

Our head gets so stuck in the books, our hand so well versed at constructing the perfect, anatomically accurate figure, we forget to actually do something with that knowledge.

And indeed there was a reason we learned it in the first place. Remember? To draw cool stuff! To draw kick-ass characters, awe inspiring scenes and impactful comic books that would be remembered! Yet somewhere along the line we forget that.

We forget that the fundamentals were only ever there to serve as an aid to our higher purpose as artists - and thus we become stranded it artist purgatory with no idea how to move forward.

In this video I talk about the aftermath of learning how to draw. Where to take your knowledge and abilities next - and the importance of awakening your creativity!

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(Thumbnail art from The Darkness by Marc Silvestri).

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