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Are You a Rule Follower, Or a Rule Breaker?

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Bending the rules can certainly lead to some interesting results... especially when it comes to drawing heads.

Check out these wacky demo's I did for our Heads and Faces Workshop.

Proportions completely thrown out of the window. But how can that be? Don't disproportionate, misshapen heads equate to a bad drawing?

Not quite.

The catch is, to draw disproportionate heads correctly, you've got to know how to draw them in proportion first.

Or, put more simply - once you learn the rules, you can bend them...

More than that though, you're able to come up with heads that stand out, faces that are memorable, quirky and different - but still look like they're drawn accurately.

That's why after I show you how to master the idealized head, I'll teach you how to modify it, in the Heads & Faces Workshop.

You'll also learn how to draw heads on different angles, and light them in a variety of ways as well!

But there's just 1 day left to book and only 3 spots available.

If you're still on the fence about booking in, take a look at this review I received from Levi, a student who recently finished the Heads & Faces Workshop.


"The "Heads and Faces Workshop" was a significantly effective educational experience. My background is professional graphic designer and motion graphics artist, these tasks do include a lot of stylized illustration. I've been drawing and painting since I was a kid- mostly graphite and ink. I have been doing digital illustration for nearly 7 years. I would consider myself an advanced digital artist, but an intermediate illustrator, as I have never given the time needed to be able to accurately represent the human head. A few years back I decided to make a comic book- a childhood dream. I have watched HTDC and several other comic/art related YouTube channels for years as I completed secondary education and got my story together. The time came to finally draw it and I just kept stalling and stalling because I still never spent the time needed to learn the fundamentals. I have gotten lucky drawing some faces and heads but only from simple angles and very rarely. This workshop took me to a completely new arena of skill and understanding. Clayton is an expert at explaining things, and his "stream of conscious" walkthrough as he draws with the students is invaluable. The classroom setting is fun and engaging. I witnessed artists of all skill levels make great leaps. The beginners were massively challenged but they made undoubtedly the most impressive improvements I've ever seen in a short period of time. If you truly sit down in the class, or follow along to the videos, I could pretty much guarantee you’ll see your techniques sharpen. Mentally and morally- this was probably the greatest investment of my time towards the goal of creating a comic book. Now I feel confident in drawing faces and that is something that I failed to do by myself with books/videos. This workshop was exactly what I needed to push past a massive barrier." - Levi Chalot


It's driven artists like Levi who make doing this Workshop worth while. There is nothing more heartwarming than to receive this kind of feedback. (Thanks Levi). The Workshop begins this Saturday, on the 16th of October. It'll go for 4 weeks, and gives you 32 hours of LIVE in person training + feedback. Click here to see the dates and times classes are running in your local time zone. Don't sweat it if you can't make it to every LIVE Session. I get it. Sometimes things don't line up, life gets in the way. Each session is recorded so that you can download and watch the replay. But make no mistake, the LIVE experience really is the biggest selling point of this Workshop. Think about it... When was the last time you made it through a pre-recorded online course, let alone did the actual work? When you book into the Heads & Faces Workshop, you'll be holding yourself accountable. You'll show up to the LIVE class, and while you're there we'll be learning how to draw heads together - putting that knowledge straight into action! You'll have something to show at the end of every session. A LIVE learning experience like this just can't be beaten. Not when it covers this much content, and gives you personalized feedback every step of the way. If you don't want to miss it, get in now. -Clayton

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