Find Complimentary Collaborators

Want to say a big thank you to CHSilva for the incredible coloring he's done on this piece. It's always an honor to have a line art illustration fully realized by a talented colorist.

Originally, this character was drawn up for one of the first tutorials I ever published on

Over the years I've drawn countless, illustrated examples for the lessons I've put together - and I'd completely forgotten about this one.That was until CHSilva messaged me to ask if he could practice his coloring skills on her.

I was more then happy to oblige, but I never realized how much of an impact a dash of color could have on a simple drawing I'd long moved on from.

CHSilva turned her into much more than she otherwise would have been.

On top of that - he also created a break down of the process he went through to color this piece up which you can check out here:

Remember that more often than not, comic book creation is a collaborative effort. It's worth finding an inker and colorist that compliments your drawings, and is able to help realize your vision as something much more than you might've ever imagined.