Glitch - the Latest Character Featured In The Upcoming Heroines Course

This bad-ass, cyber-punk enforcer fits right into my kinda theme.

Her name is 'Glitch', a cyborg super-heroine who makes her bank by keeping the streets clean and the baddies at bay.

She's the final character featured in a new course I'm working on that will show you how to design, pencil, ink and color your own super heroines.

Glitch provided a great opportunity to get into tech design and robotic armor. As with the other characters demonstrated in the course, I intentionally set her apart with a unique design and theme that will show you how to approach different elements that require an understanding of specific rendering and detailing techniques.

With the inks done, I'm now onto the coloring stage for all three characters, settling on their schemes and laying in the first lighting pass. I'm super excited to show you how they turn out. I'm a huge fan of line art, but for me, a character really comes to life once their colored.

More updates to come soon - thanks for checking out Glitch, I hope you like her as much as I enjoyed creating her.


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