Meet Zing

Meet Zing ⚡- A zappy super-heroine with a talent for hurl-a-hooping.

She's the first of three featured characters in a new comic art course I'm producing that'll show you how to draw, ink and color female comic book characters. Heroines specifically.

This is kind of the unofficial announcement for the course and I wanted to share it with you here first. And there is a reason I've been so quiet about the learning programs I've been working on for a reason...

See after repeatedly revising the How To Draw Women: Female Heads Course for well over a year - I honestly just got burnt out and lost my way with it. I knew I'd spent an unspeakable amount of time and energy trying to get it together so I kept on pushing through it. But it got to the point where I just wasn't enjoying it any longer. Maybe I stretched it too far and ran outa steam but there came a day where the love and passion was gone.

At the forefront of my underlying feeling of failure was the clarity that if I was to continue building that extensive library of learning resources I'd dreamed of giving to other aspiring comic artists - I had to have fun doing it.

I have a tenancy to overthink things. For me, most ideas start out simple enough and quite achievable. The lessons are easy to grasp and digestible. Yet for some reason my excitement quickly sends it spiraling out of control, growing it into some beast that will be impossible to manifest in a reasonable amount of time as a finished product.

Here I was letting my big ideas run wild - when what I really loved was comic book illustration. Not the diagrammatic technical drawings I thought would be beneficial to teach it. So why was I showing people how to create a blue print when I could still teach them the fundamental building blocks I used in the actual creation of a finished comic book character?

That's when the How To Draw Women: Female Heads Course became an all out How To Draw Super-Heroines run-down. Not just drawing, but posing, designing, detailing, inking, coloring and pretty much everything else you'd need to know to develop and produce your own female comic book characters. Each character has a unique set of attributes - different poses, designs, hair-styles, materials and colors. Plus I'll be showing a demonstration of how I go about illustrating each character's head shot, so you'll still get to see how that's done too.

The big difference is I've reveled in every moment working on this project since it began a few weeks ago. It's coming together faster, it's looking better and most importantly the knowledge you're going to get has been condensed down to the most important, applicable and fundamental techniques I use when it comes to drawing female comic book characters.

Before this post gets too long I'll leave it here - I don't want to spoil too much just yet. Stay tuned for more previews.

Oh and let me know what you think of Zing! I don't have a proper backstory for her yet, so I'd love to hear your thoughts. Maybe we could run a small competition where if your backstory is chosen, you'll get a free copy of the course and I'll feature your backstory in the course's character bios. Could be a cool idea.

Thanks for reading, and checking out Zing - and keep on creating!


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