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Inks And Colors Run Hand-In-Hand

Inks and Colors go hand in hand when bringing an illustration to life. You can't have one without the other (unless you're going for that Noir, Sin City style Vibe).

The way I see it, the line work of your art represents and solidifies the idea. Each stroke articulates the shapes, design, and ity-bity details inside the image, ultimately pulling it together to show your audience a refined rendition of what you had bouncing around inside your imagination.

Colors on the other hand kick that up a notch by introducing vivid mood, emotion and feel to the art work. It allows the eyes of your audience to hook in with strengthened immersion as the colors evoke a new levels of connection with your vision.

That's what I've called this piece - "Visions". Because beyond serving as the Album Art for Episode 12 of the HTDC Podcast, this illustration represents the origin of all things we create - our ability to visualize something within our mind's eye first, and to manifest that inside the real world through our chosen medium of creative expression.

As I type this up, I'm compiling the video recording that'll show you the making of this entire illustration, so that as you're listening to this weeks Podcast episode, you can watch the creation of the album cover from start to finish.

I'm really loving the way our Podcast has evolved to become something that doesn't just give you great value via audio, but also delivers insight into the creation of new comic book illustrations each week. I'm super excited to see where we're able to take this.

The new episode will be up later today, so stay tuned! - and again apologies for the delay. Thank you all for your get well wishes, I'm back in action 100% now. 💪


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