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Slight Delay On Episode 12 Of The HTDC Podcast

Last week I came down with a cold, lost my voice and had to postpone this weeks HTDC Podcast Episode. 😭

Luckily, Ric Bülow and I still managed to record it yesterday so you can listen to the latest ep now at

But! As you know we've started putting together video versions of each Podcast episode for you that allow you to watch the making of the Album Art, whilst listening to our pearls of insight and witty banter.

She's not quite ready yet, but these are the inks I've done up for Episode 12. With any luck, I'll have her colored by tomorrow and ready to go for the video version of our latest Podcast release.

Believe it or not, despite the intricacy of her hair, it was by the part of the illustration which was the most fun. There's something about the flow and gesture of hair that makes it so satisfying to draw.

Why the extra eye? The theme for this weeks podcast episode centers around expanding your visual library to come up with interesting and unique ideas for your characters and stories, that your audience is able to instantly connect with. I felt like this was symbolic of that in a way, our 3rd eye commonly associated with visualization and imagination.

Hope you enjoy the art, really looking forward to giving this piece some color. For now though, it's time to call it a day and get some shut eye, before I wake up and do it all again tomorrow. 😉


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