Berserk - Guts The Black Swordsman

This one goes out to all my fellow Berserk fans. 🗡️

The new Podcast Episode was in need of some fresh Album Art, and since the theme is about choosing your own path, I thought Guts, The Black Swordsman would be the perfect representation.

For me, one of the big take away's from the original Berserk story was in the beginning, where Guts ultimately had to choose to be a part of someone else's dream, or to follow his own path.

As artists we kind of have to make the same choice in one way or another as we walk our own journey. Do we seek knowledge from those who have already gained the wisdom we seek, or do we take the initiative to go out there and make our own unique discoveries?

I so enjoyed working on this piece, and I'm proud of the end result. It took 7 Hrs to produce, the hours flying by unnoticed as I listened to the Bersek OST on repeat in the background.

Breaking away from the educational course content has been therapeutic for my creativity recently. Don't get me wrong, I love to teach, but using my skills to actually create a finished illustration from time to time has really reignited my love for the art form.

Now why did I go to the trouble of creating an entire illustration for one little Podcast Cover? Well I've come up with a way to boost the value Ric Bülow and I pack into each episode - For each new Podcast Ep, you'll now be able to listen to it in video format, and watch the creation of that episodes album cover as you do! Including this one.

Episode 11 will be up later today, so I'll post the link to that out once everything's compiled and uploaded. Super excited to hear what you think. Always looking for ways to level up the content we create for you.

Hope you like the pic, thanks for checking it out, and keep on creating!


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