Todd McFarlane's Spawn

I am pumped for the new Spawn movie.

Todd McFarlane announced Jeremy Renner as the lead yesterday - not as Spawn of course (Jamie Foxx), but as a detective named Twitch who the story is said to be centered around.

Todd's stated on numerous occasions that Spawn will feature as an illusive, malevolent presence, similar to the shark in Jaws. Some of my fellow Spawn fans out there have been a bit bummed out about this because of how scarce the main character will actually be on screen, only catching glimpses of his silhouette, flashes of his red cape.

But I recon Todd has made a smart move here.

The best way to kill scary is to reveal it. Rather than having you on the edge of your seats with non-stop action like all those other superhero movies, we'll be biting our nails with high tension. And I think that's exactly what the Todd father is hoping.

So as you can imagine, when I was thinking of what fan art to whip up next, Spawn was on my mind.

Sometimes I feel like if I'm going to do a fan art, I should make a splash with Batman or Superman. But then I asked myself why I'm not doing tributes to the characters I actually love! Spawn was one of the first characters that made a massive impact on me as an artist - then there's the Darkness, Witch Blade, Wild C.A.T.S and Cyber-Force too! All of which I'm going to dedicate a piece to eventually. I have to!

I decided to add a splash of color to the inks I posted the other day. Color always injects so much more mood into the piece. Really digging the vibe this illustration is packing now.


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