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Think Form

Drew up this lovely lady today for the ‘How To Draw Women: Female Heads’ Course.

You can see in her hand that she’s holding up a rather simplified interpretation of the human head. Here what I really wanted to illustrate was the basic head model as having form, weight and mass to it. As if it could be picked up, turned and observed.

The key to becoming a truly dynamic comic book artist is in understanding that at the core of everything we draw lays form. That’s what most of our job description as a comic book artist involves, understanding and presenting our subjects with form.

But it also helps us in the drawing process itself – especially if we can take something as complex as the human head and break it down into basic geometry. By doing so, our mind has a much easier time visualizing what we want to draw before we even put pencil to paper. Then, we use those primitive building blocks as the skeleton of our drawing, projecting it down onto the page piece by piece.

The most awe inspiring work often times has the humblest of beginnings. So don’t focus so much on the finished product in the beginning. Work your way backward and immerse yourself in the process. Be patient and remember that anything worth creating takes time to craft.

I hope you like this character; I had a great time drawing her. I really love when I’m able to express the character’s personality through their pose and facial expression; it gives them so much life!

By the end of June the first chapter of ‘How To Draw Women: Female Heads’ will be completed. Chapter 1 teaches you the method of construction and gives you a detailed overview of the proportions of the female head. You’ll also get a ton of examples, narrated demo’s and step by step walk-throughs so you can put everything you learn into practice.

After the initial June/July release, a new chapter will be uploaded to the course library each month leading up to the end of the year. They’ll cover dynamic views of the female head, facial features and expressions, hair styling and loads of other valuable content. As you can tell I’m super excited and cannot wait to get the course out there for you guys! It’s finally coming together.

Stay tuned for more updates. I’ll have more coming your way shortly.


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