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How To Make Your Panels Look More Dynamic And Visually Compelling

Does your comic book art sometimes feel flat and two dimensional? Here's a quick tip to make your sequential art immediately look more dynamic and visually compelling...

Besides framing and composition, presenting your characters on a dynamic angle, or even a slight tilt will give them some extra pop. It will also make the experience for your readers more immersive too - since the way most of us see the world truly is through a dynamic lens, where we rarely find ourselves looking at another person directly from the front or side.

Movies are shot in the same way, which is why when we can compose our frames with an added sense of depth and dimension from various angles, the end result is somewhat cinematic.

Notice the significant difference between the frames in this example. The first frame has our point of view positioned below the character, looking up at her. This is a dramatic shot, but an effective one, allowing the viewer to peer through a captivating window into the story.

The last frame closes in on the character, showing her on a slight, 3/4 turn. It may not be as dramatic as the first frame but it still significantly increases the amount of mood and immersion within the scene.

Frame two and three, where we see the character directly from the front and side aren’t drawn badly by any means. They check out proportionally, structurally, and are finished with polished line work and rendering just like the previous panels. The difference though is that they lack the same amount of impact and depth.

So the next time it comes to roughing in the drafts for your comic, try mixing your camera angles up a bit. Remember, angling the character even slightly against the camera can make a huge difference! -Clayton

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