Getting Your Art Out There

Wouldn't it be awesome to get more eyes on your Art? Of course it would! As artists, the work we do is our gift to the world, and the more people we can give it to the better.

But as you know, it's not always easy. There's a sea of competition out there demanding the attention of our potential fans, and it can be tough to catch a break.

What's worse is that most of us don't really give a whole lot of thought to things like 'marketing' or 'promotion'. After all, we're artists! Why bother thinking about that boring stuff when there's so much EPIC-NESS to be drawn!?

The reality is, if you want to make a living doing what you love, you've got to boss up and become the CEO of your passion! Which means blowing the lid off of the icky business stuff and hustling hard.

(Don't worry, it's no where near as hard as learning how to draw comics)...

But it can be still hard to know where to begin and what to do. So in Episode 3 of the HTDC Podcast, Ric Bülow and I talk tactics when it comes to getting yourself out there in the digital age of the internet.

Even if you're experienced in this sort of thing, we spit-ball a ton of interesting ideas and techniques that just might give your Instagram Followers and Facebook Fans an unexpected boost in numbers - Then once you've pulled that off, we even delve into what to do with all that additional exposure once you get it.

Definitely worth a listen if you're looking to showcase your art to more people - head on over to and enjoy!


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