Box Head

If we think about the Female Head as a simple box – The Front and Side Views appear as a flat, 2D rectangle. But if we turn that box to look at it on angle, suddenly it becomes 'Three Dimensional'. We’re not just dealing with length and width anymore, but also depth.

This is essentially what happens to the head when we draw it on a 3/4 Turn. There’s an additional element at play (depth) which allows us to present the head in a 3D context.

That’s what comics are all about - creating the illusion of depth and space so that we can draw the audience right into the frame. That’s what makes the difference between someone seeing your work as a drawing on a flat piece of paper, and them being completely immersed in the world you’ve created!

When learning how to draw the female head, I feel like it’s important to get the Front and Side Views down first so that we’re able to get a clear understanding of the head’s exact Proportions and Structure. But the Three Quarter View is the next level – and the door way to being able to later draw the head dynamically on a multitude of angles.


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