Three Axis = 3D

Even though the 3/4 View of the Female Head is lumped in with the Front and Side View as a 'Standard View' - what makes it stand out is that it's our first glimpse of the head as a 3D object, with mass, depth and volume.

If we look at the Front and Side Views, essentially what we're seeing is a flat, diagrammatic rendition of the head on a single plane. But even a 2 dimensional image needs two axis to give it height and width.

But when we begin to turn the head to observe it on an angle, a new axis is introduced, giving us depth. Three axis = three dimensions. This also means that now, we're looking at both the front, and side of the female head all at once - except both are now foreshortened in perspective, effecting it's proportions and distorting it's structure.

As the head is inevitably turned and viewed on more dynamic angles, these effects become even more obvious as the dimensions of the head are manipulated by the perspective it's observed in.

I like to think of the 3/4 View of the Female Head as the half-way point that links the Front and Side Views together as the head is turned toward or away from us.

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