Making The Link Between The Front, Side and 3/4 View's Of The Female Head

Continuing the head turn arounds for the female character you saw a few days back, here we have the 3/4 View 🤣.

This particular view essentially links the front and side views together to create a 3D representation of the female head. 🔗

It's a special view, because this is the first time we really get to see the head as a form presented in perspective. We also start to understand how the fundamental building blocks, such as the cranium, face mask and neck cylinder, take on their own forms that can be turned in space and observed from different angles.

The 3/4 View may not be the most dynamic view, but it's certainly the door way through which we can begin drawing the head on a multitude of angles. And that is a skill which is absolutely imperative to develop when it comes to drawing comics.

This lovely lady will be featured in the 3/4 View Lesson, Chapter 1 of the 'How To Draw Women: Female Heads' Course. I've also recorded the process where you'll be able to see a complete break down of how they were drafted, drawn and rendered from start to finish - which will be included in the bonus material.

Many of you are on the list already, but in case your not yet, visit and join the e-mail list to make sure you don't miss out on important updates and release info for this Course. First release will be limited, and this is the best way to secure your copy for half price!

More updates to come! - Stay tooned.


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