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Bold & Beautiful Babes!

Thick vs thin necks - it makes a massive difference in the level of perceived buffness your female characters carry. 💪🏋️‍♀️

Of course in this illustrated comparison, there's a little more at play given the entirely different body types these gals are rockin', but the context is there to really kick home the point.

Above all else, the neck is probably one of, if not the most powerful component contributing to how masculine and mature, or young and feminine your character looks. This is why often times we confuse the neck of a woman as being longer than a mans - but in actual fact it's pretty much the same length. What it all comes down to thickness and muscle tone... A wide neck will appear shorter than a narrow one of the same length.

Just like the other features, the neck is yet another dial we can turn back and forth to achieve a range of different outcomes for our comic book women. And by recognize them, we gain full control over exactly how we want them to appear, according to their bio.

That's why in the upcoming 'How To Draw Women: Female Heads' Course I wanted to share as many of these distinctions with you as possible, so that you could avoid unintentionally defining your character's in ways which just weren't true to what you envisioned for them.

She Hulk and Cat Woman are a perfect example of two character's whose physical attributes greatly determine how they're supposed to be perceived as characters. So these dials do matter! Because at the end of the day not every woman is the same and we must, as artists, understand how to structure our characters to visually convey their unique qualities.

I hope you like these bold and beautiful gals. Thanks for all the awesome feedback and advice you've been giving me as I've shared these previews with you. I appreciate it!

I can't wait to get the course out there for you! - Remember, if you haven't already, sign up to our e-mail list at for the important announcements I'll be sending out which will tell you how to secure your copy of 'How To Draw Women: Female Heads' - the initial June release will be available for half price - BUT IT'S LIMITED! So don't miss out - make sure you're on the list. 📬📧


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