Buff Babes For 'How To Draw Women: Female Heads'

Super interested to see what you guys think of today's drawing. 🤔

This buff babe is supposed to be another comparison showing how the thickness of the neck can significantly change the way we perceive a character (man or woman!)

A thick neck, such as the one propping up this characters head, typically convey's masculinity and maturity. Conversely, a thin, streamlined neck produces a much more feminine or youthful appearance for the character.

This was another point I wanted to touch on in the 'How To Draw Women: Female Heads' Course - and I've used this slide to try and bring it home. Although I think I might have gone a bit over-kill here!

All I wanted was to highlight how different a character can look by adjusting the thickness of the neck. But what we're looking at instead is the entire upper half of a character - which puts it in context, but might be somewhat distracting.

So I was a bit torn half way through this piece. Do I keep going with it, or do I instead show a close up shot of the head and neck where the point can be made more obvious?

In the end, I thought what the heck, and decided to just go with it.

Keep in mind this slide only slips in for a couple of seconds, then it's back to the main demo - so what do you think? Does this beastly beauty explain the point I'm trying to make clearly enough - or is it a little too ambiguous?

I've got an elegant princess in the drafting stages that I'm going to sit next to her for contrast. The purpose of these illustrations is to keep each lesson fun and inspiring. Plus, I'm recording them for extra content to bundle into the course, which I know a lot of you will find valuable.

Hope you like the pic - if nothing else this gal was a real pleasure to work on. It was great to draw some bulging muscles again! 💪

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