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The New HTDC Studio Sound Proofed!

Forced relaxation over the holiday season is always a difficult time for us workaholics. I was having serious work withdraws by the end! But I'm finally back in the studio after a 3 week hiatus and I gotta say it's good to be home.

First thing I had on my to do list was to stick up the 60 acoustic foam panels I'd ordered off e-bay to sound treat the new HTDC Headquarters - the place where all the magic happens.

That was tricky, because besides industrial strength carpet adhesive, these foam panels don't stick to anything. What I ended up doing in the end was using a combination of super glue and velcro tabs to fasten these tiles to the wall, with minimal damage.

What is the point of all this madness you might ask? Well, in the last few videos I've recorded for the HTDC channel and upcoming "How To Draw Women: Female Heads" Course, I noticed a hollow reverberation bouncing off the walls and into the mic within the dialogue. We can't have that!

So you can look forward to clean, clear and crisp dialogue in the next tutorial from HTDC - which, if I can keep the momentum going, should be very soon. ;)


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