Moving Studios - WOO!

Put some time aside to sketch up this wild-haired babe today. 😻

Really enjoying the process of getting looser and more confident with my rendering approach - although that could just be due to this being more of a rough than polished piece. I find this tends to happen a lot when come back to drawing after a little time away. My previous experience kinda sinks into my nervous system or something and things I was conscious of previously kinda become part of my competent, unconscious ability.

Anyone else able to relate with that voodoo?

This week I've been packing everything up and getting ready to ship out to my new place next week! And I'm feeling pretty pumped about that. Because between you and I, the area my studio is situated in currently is aggressively distracting at times.

Lawn mower enthusiasts, noisy cars on quiet streets, not to mention living directly under a low flying air strip have all proved to be quite the intrusion on my focus - but more importantly those seemingly clean dialogue recordings I throw in over the top of the tutorials I put up for ya'll!

While looking for a new place to set up shop, peace and quiet was at the top of the list. To make it even better, the studio itself is smaller and carpeted =ing less echo and easier sound proofing! Score! 🤗

I also splashed out on a new desk and office chair. Quite frankly because the desk I'm at now is actually a dining table that isn't mine, and the desk before that was a hand me down that was far too small. As for the chair... well it's literally falling apart - so high-time for an upgrade! Considering I'm drawing up a storm in the office 80% of the time.

Hope ya dig the pic - I'll have more of these coming your way soon, along with new previews for that long awaited Course I keep teasing you on with.