"How To Draw Women: Female Heads" Is Still On It's Way!

You might have noticed that I’ve been off the radar a bit over the last few months…

I’ve posted up ‘some’ art, a few tutorials here and there – but not the usual daily nuggets of knowledge and motivation you might be used to seeing.

And what of HTDC? What happened to all the build up around the “How To Draw Women: Female Heads” Course?

Well first things first - I’m pleased to say that the course is still on its way, and I’m now once more able to spend the majority of my time and focus bringing you new Comic Art tutorials and videos.

Things kinda slowed down on that front in the latter half of this year due to the additional teaching work I took on board. I’ve loved every moment of it too – it was a busy time but heck it was a lot of fun. It did eat into a fairly large chunk of my schedule though.

So behind the scenes I’ve been chipping away, very slowly at the “How to Draw Women: Female Heads” course - and it’s looking and sounding superb!

If you’ve been following the course’s development for a while now you might remember that a good majority of it was reworked to create a much more comprehensive, informative and applicable volume of Comic Art Education – where instead of just sitting, watching and copying you’d get an in-depth understanding of each part of the process.

This was a risky move admittingly, as this meant delaying the course, and it was also a new format that hadn’t really been done before. I wanted it to be as if you were in a classroom with me as I was demonstrating each step on a whiteboard. I believed in the new direction though, and still do – and this course will define much of the formatting for the following courses in 2018.

In this post I wanted to share what that’s looking like so far. The image above is from the first chapter of “How to Draw Women: Female Heads” where we cover the standard view points of the head from the Front, Side, ¾ Angle, Back and Back ¾ Angle views. This chapter sets up the fundamental structure of the female head from these key viewpoints in preparation for the more dynamic angles the head will be drawn on.

The best part is, you’re not going to have to wait much longer to check it out. Because this course is so huge, I’ll be giving you early access to “How to Draw Women: Female Heads” before it’s completed. It will initially come with the Standard Views Lessons of the Course, with the following lessons being released in the weeks to follow.

It’s awesome to be able to get back to work on this Course almost full time now – I can’t wait for you to see it. The previews I’ve been putting out on the HTDC Instagram Stories have had a lot of great feedback already – and if you’d also like to get a sneak peak at what’s inside “How To Draw Women: Female Heads” visit: https://www.instagram.com/howtodrawcomics/ and hit that follow button.

This year has been a big year of growth for me as an artist and a teacher. Part of the reason there has been such a wait on the course is due to exactly that – learning new and better ways to structure and deliver a mind blowing course that really does deliver on results. Although the course catalog from HTDC still only consists of “Figure Drawing Foundations: Proportions”, I’m glad I’ve had the chance to evolve and develop my skill sets in these areas, because it’s about quality not quantity.

Hope you enjoy the preview – please let me know what you think and whether or not you feel you’d get something out of “How to Draw Women: Female Heads”.



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