Re-Working "How To Draw Women: Female Heads"

If you’ve been following the Preview posts for HTDC’s upcoming “How to Draw Women: Female Heads" Course – you might be wondering what the word is on it of late…

Here’s a quick update…

Rest assured it’s still on its way! The course has been delayed however due to a few re-workings to its structure… in fact a lot of re-workings.

The art was great, the dialogue was right on point – but as I began the editing process, I quickly realized many of the demonstrations featured in the course showed the process unfolding, but not the underlying theory or concepts behind how it worked. The goal here wasn’t just to show you the creation of pretty art work – but to teach you how to do it for yourself.

So the wait has been a little longer than expected – but it’ll all be worth it, to ensure you get the most, and best value possible out of this course.

Here’s a small taste of what’s been added into the mix. As you can see, these diagrams are much less about showing you polished line art, and more about what goes into a well-constructed head. The course did talk about this stuff already; the difference here though is that it’s much more informative and easier to understand thanks to the visual diagrams used to help explain it.

After going through these key concepts, you’ll then see how it’s all applied as I take you through the process of drafting, defining and refining the finished examples of each view of the female head.

Tell me what you think of the new direction for the course in the comments below.

Thanks for reading - and Enjoy! -Clayton

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