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Battling With Consistency (How To Draw Women: Female Heads: PREVIEW)

Today I felt a little torn...

After narrating and producing over 30+ hours of content for the “How To Draw Women: Female Heads” Course, I’ve come a long way in my own development, as both an artist and teacher. My delivery is more on point and engaging than ever, and my art style has leveled up and refined itself consistently.

So the big question I’ve been battling with recently is whether or not to go back and redo the first few lessons of the course.

Why? Because in comparison to the most recent lessons, there is quite a big gap in terms of quality – and I know most people wouldn’t even notice. But I have a serious perfectionist complex… so today I bit the bullet and re-tackled the ‘Standard Views of The Female Head’ chapter of the course.

This was the result – and I wanted to share it with you here just to get your thoughts.

In the image above you can see two illustrated examples of the front of E's head. The first is from the original take I created for the 'Standard Views Of The Female Head' Lesson, the second one is for the reboot of that same lesson that I produced today – and although the evolution is subtle, I do feel it was worth going back and redoing it. Especially when taking the dialogue delivery into consideration as well.

Call me crazy, but I’d rather get this course right than to rush it out just because ‘it needs to come out’. Quality is what matters, and I want to ensure that I’m delivering the very best I can to you in this course.

Honestly though, it’s a dangerous cycle because I improve with every new lesson I create… So I’ve got to call it done at some point. And what’s crazy is at every point I’m at my best. Which makes the jump in quality and consistency from lesson to lesson mind blowing.

Again, I’m being very critical of myself here – it’s probably not that big of a deal. But hey, everyone is their own worst critic.

It’s profound how much I’ve learned about myself through creating this course for you though.

There’s still a lot of editing to do, but I am expecting a September release for “How To Draw Women: Female Heads”. And by that I mean 'sometime' in September ;) .

It’s been a long wait I know! For both of us! But I just want to thank you again for your patience. I’m packing as much value into this course as possible – it’s worth the wait, I promise. In the mean time, I'm curious to know - have you ever struggled with the same consistency issue in the quality of your work? Does it bother you? Let me know in the comments below, I'd love to hear your thoughts.


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