Angry Head Variation (How To Draw Women: Female Heads PREVIEW)

This enraged lady is one of the ‘head variations’ covered in my upcoming ‘How To Draw Women – Females Heads’ course…

The main focus in this demonstration was on depicting darker colored hair through the careful balancing of light, shadow and tonal density.

Typically this takes a little more time to get looking right because of the added level of rendering and detail used to take the hair down to a darker value. Accurately depicting the forms, volume and layering of the hair under different lighting conditions also comes into play in big way, and requires a well trained eye to get it all looking right.

But ultimately, implementing all of these elements comes down to one thing – ensuring that they all come together to create an illustration that visually reads correctly.

Another topic covered in this lesson is how to use the detailing around the facial features to help intensify powerful emotions such as rage, sadness or fear.

As a general rule, the more intense the emotion is, the more the muscles around the facial features will tense up – thus the need for higher levels of detail to show how the muscles pull, stretch and tense to compose each expression.

Throughout the three examples within this lesson, where I take you through the construction of three different female heads from start to finish – I’ve incorporated a number of unique characteristics into each one, including individual facial expressions, hair colors/styles, and even makeup.

The reason I’ve included all of this is to show you more than just one approach to drawing the female head, and how the basic structure can be modified to suit the individual characteristics of a variety of women.

Thanks to everyone who has messaged me about ‘How To Draw Women – Female Heads’ and shown their interest. Appreciate your patience while I get this all packaged up and ready to release (hopefully before the end of this month)…

It’s a huge course and I honestly didn’t expect it to get this big. But I’m proud of how much value I’ve packed into it, even if it does mean it’s taken a little bit longer to get out there. It’ll be worth the wait, I promise!

The VIP Special Interest list will be up soon – so keep a look out for that. By signing up before the release, you’ll get early access to the course as well as a whole bunch of bonus material and special discounts.

Hope you enjoy the sneak peak – as you can imagine I had a lot of fun drawing up this fiery looking lady. – Stay tuned, more previews to come soon.


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