Expressing Emotions - How To Draw Women: Female Heads PREVIEW

It’s one thing to know how to draw the female head – but it’s another to know how to bring it to LIFE!...

And that’s what the latest lesson inside the upcoming “How To Draw Women: Female Heads” Chapter of the "Character Creator Course" is all about (yep, decided to change up the course title a little bit there).

In this MASSIVE 6 hour beast of a lesson, you’ll learn how to animate the facial features of your female characters to express a wide range emotions, personality and non-verbal communication.

The illustration of E above is just one example from that lesson. And I’ve got to say, after refining E’s design throughout the production of this course over the last few months… it’s been really awesome to finally be able to bring her to life.

The reason I’ve dedicated such a huge chunk of the course to facial expression is because it’s one of the most powerful ways to get your audience to relate to your characters on an emotional level. Without the ability to express, your female head may as well belong to a plastic mannequin.

Using facial expression to convey the emotional states of your characters also gives the dialogue they’re speaking context, allowing for a higher level of immersion and believably within your stories.

Super stoked to have this one finally done… it’s such a great lesson with loads of insight tucked into it. Couldn’t be more proud of the outcome, there’s just so much you’re going to get out of it!

Tomorrow will be focused on ‘Female Head variations’ where you’ll learn how to take the basic foundations of the head and facial features and modify them to suit the needs of a unique cast of female comic book characters… This lesson is especially cool because it’ll cover a variety of different racial and cultural backgrounds, as well as how to shade and render different hair styles and colors.

“How To Draw Women: Female Heads” is only a few weeks away from release now… So this weekend I’ll be opening up the ‘VIP Special Interest List’ for this course – It'll only be open for a limited time, so if this course is currently on your wish list, be sure to keep a look out and jump on it asap to get your hands on exclusive previews, bonus content and discounts.

Hope you enjoy the preview – thanks for reading, and as always, Keep on CREATING! -Clayton

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