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What You'll Get Inside The New "Character Creator Course: Women"

By now you’ve likely seen the previews for HTDC’s next Comic Art training package “Character Creator Course: Women”.

I began creating the outline for this Course around early March. Which is over 4 months ago! So by now, all these sneak peeks might have you wondering as to what the hype is all about and what the course actually has to offer you!

Well, that’s what this special update is all about. You’re about to get an inside look into exactly what you can expect to find inside “Character Creator Course: Women”, when it’ll be released and how much it will be.

Originally, the “Character Creator Course: Women” started out as simply the “Character Creator Course” and came about after I had the idea to create a fully-fledged “Comic Creator Course”. The ‘Comic Creator Course’ was to include an expansive set of lessons that would walk you through the entire process of creating a 6 page Comic Book Short – Covering the Pencils, Inks and Coloring stages.

This 6 Page short would center on a Character named ‘E’, the bad-ass rebel in the illustration above.

Before tackling the “Comic Creator Course” however, I decided to focus on the “Character Creator Course”, because before we would even be able to start making our own Comics we’d need to know how to draw the characters within it.

The “Character Creator Course” quickly became its own thing – being split into 3 separate categories – “How To Create Female Characters”, “How To Create Male Characters” and “How to Create Creatures”.

Which is where we arrive at the first volume of the “Character Creator Course: Women”.

“Character Creator Course: Women” focuses on the creation of ‘E’, the lead character in the Comic Book Short “Revolter” (that will ultimately be created during the 'Comic Creator Course'). Overall, the course is divided up into 4 key topics:

How To Design and Produce Female Characters

  • Lesson 1: Manga Studio Overview

  • Lesson 2: Reference Gathering

  • Lesson 3: Character Biography

  • Lesson 4: Pencilling The Character

  • Lesson 5: Inking In The Outline

  • Lesson 6: Shadowing The Character

  • Lesson 7: Rendering The Character

  • Lesson 8: Laying In The Base Colors

  • Lesson 9: Laying In The Shadow Colors

  • Lesson 10: Laying In The Highlight Colors

  • Lesson 11: Coloring The Trenchcoat

This set of lessons consist of a fully narrated Time Lapse covering the entire Character Production process – coming in at around 4 Hours in total watch time. They’ll give you a concise and condensed look into the methods used to Draw, Design, Ink and Color a finished Female Comic Book Character. As you watch, I’ll talk you through my approach, the tools and techniques I use and my mindset and philosophies when it comes creating your own Comic Book Characters.

For me, this set of lessons is a comprehensive overview of what goes into the process of designing and Producing a full color Comic Book Character Concept.

But the first 11 lessons inside this course was only the tip of the ice berg – because I wanted to drill down even deeper into the fundamental components of what went into drawing female characters for comics.

So after after the character design and production lessons, the following topics focus on drawing Female Heads and include the following lessons.

How To Draw Female Heads

  • Lesson 12: How To Draw The Front Of The Female Head

  • Lesson 13: How To Draw The Side Of The Female Head

  • Lesson 14: How To Draw The ¾ View Of The Female Head

  • Lesson 15: How To Draw Hair For Women

  • Lesson 16: Basic Construction Method For The Female Head

  • Lesson 17: How To Draw The Female Head In Perspective

  • Lesson 18: How To Draw Female Eyes

  • Lesson 19: How To Draw The Female Nose

  • Lesson 20: How To Draw The Female Mouth

  • Lesson 21: How To Draw Female Ears

  • Lesson 22: How To Draw Female Facial Expressions

This section of the Course covers pretty much everything you can think of when it comes to knowing how to draw the female head. But of course – our characters also need bodies. So that’s what I covered in the next collection of lessons inside “Character Creator Course: Women”

How To Draw The Female Body

  • Lesson 23: How To Draw The Front Of The Female Figure

  • Lesson 24: How To Draw The Back Of The Female Figure

  • Lesson 25: Anatomy Overview Of The Female Figure

  • Lesson 26: How To Draw The Female Torso

  • Lesson 27: How To Draw The Female Pelvis

  • Lesson 28: How To Draw Female Arms

  • Lesson 28: How To Draw Female Hands

  • Lesson 29: How To Draw Female Legs

  • Lesson 30: How To Draw Female Feet

This part of the course teaches you how to draw each part of the female body, real-time, in a Step-By-Step delivery that you can follow along with as you learn. The lessons cover the general construction method of each part of the body, then the muscle groups and underlying anatomy.

Finally – I get a lot of questions about how to ink, render and color Comic Book Characters. So I wanted to give you an ultra, in-depth series of lessons that would take you through the entire process for each, from start to finish. These were recorded 100% real-time, also in a step by step format.

How To Ink Female Characters

  • Lesson 31: Line Weights

  • Lesson 32: Lighting and Shadows

  • Lesson 33: Rendering

  • Lesson 34: Textures and Materials

How To Color Female Comic Book Characters

  • Lesson 35: Coloring Process Overview

  • Lesson 36: Base Colors

  • Lesson 37: Shadow Colors

  • Lesson 38: Highlight Colors

  • Lesson 39: Final Coloring Pass

  • Lesson 40: Adjustment Layers

And as always the course includes all the Brushes, PSD Files and Example Images featured throughout.

So that’s the overview of the entire “Character Creator Course: Women” training package. As you can see, it’s an absolute monster consisting of 4 key topics: Female Character Design and Production, Drawing The Female Head, Drawing The Female Body, and Inking and Coloring Female Comic Book CharactersOver 40 Lessons.

The next questions you might have is, when will this course be released – and what price will it be?

I’ve decided to release “Character Creator Course: Women” in 4 separate parts over the next 4 Months. The reason I’ve decided to release the course in different parts is for a few reasons…

By purchasing one section of the course at a time it’ll give you a chance to digest the information and apply it without becoming overwhelmed by the sheer amount of content included in this course all at once. It also makes the course more affordable for everyone. Instead of paying full price for the entire course at once, you’ve got the option to buy each part individually as you go.

The price of the entire course will be equal to the amount of the 4 individual parts of the course that are sold separately.

I haven’t decided 100% on how much the Course will be yet – but the individual parts of the course will likely be priced around $15 - $20 each, while the entire course will be priced at $60-$80. There will be a special launch offer for each part of the course, as well as the full course on release available to you if you’ve signed up to the VIP Interest List beforehand. (Which I’ll give you more info about closer to the release).

That just about wraps up the news and updates on the course that I’ve got for you so far, but hopefully that answers some of your questions and gives you a little more insight into what you can expect to see and get out of the next Comic Art Course from HTDC.

If you’ve got any questions or suggestions as to what you’d like to see in the course, please post them below! I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading, and as always – Keep on Creating!


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