"Character Creator Course: Women" - Ears Preview

Eyes πŸ‘οΈ – CHECK. Nose πŸ‘ƒβ€“ CHECK. Mouth πŸ‘„ - CHECK. Ears πŸ‘‚ – CHECK!!

ANNND that completes the entire series of Comic Art Lessons inside the upcoming β€œCharacter Creator Course: Women” covering the Female Head.

What a relief.

Next up is the Female Body. And I’ve been so looking forward to getting stuck into these Lessons! Can’t wait to show you some of the stuff I’ve got planned for them.

For now though - I've got a quick question for you... πŸ€”

With the β€˜E Character Design’ and β€˜Female Head' Lessons done... I thought it might be cool to just make them available to you now... Or would you rather wait to get your hands on the entire course all at once?

The reason I ask is because, each of the lessons are about 2-3 hours long. It's basically just like sitting in a class room with me as you learn, step-by-step, how to Draw, Design, Ink and Color your own Female Comic Book Characters…

As you can imagine, this course is quickly becoming far more comprehensive than I initially expected it to be. But honestly… I think the amount of value I’ve packed into each one of these lessons is exactly what was needed to ensure you got real results.

You likely seen the announcement for this course months ago, and I really do thank you for your patience and support in putting it together for you. I know it’s taken a while!

So let me know… would you like the option to collect the individual parts of the course early, or would you rather wait until the entire product is released and get the whole thing all at once?

Hope you enjoy these ears… I had a grand old time drawing them up – but as you can imagine, they were quite the challenge. This particular facial feature has got to be one of the most complicated pieces of anatomy on the entire human body!

There will be another post coming your way shortly answering some of the questions you’ve asked about the β€œCharacter Creator Course: Women”, as well as some additional info covering the evolution of the course and all the topics it’ll cover.

Keep on creating Comic Artisans - Thanks for reading! -Clayton

#ears #charactercreatorcourse

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