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Drawing The Head In Perspective - NEW Character Creator Preview!

Here we are with another sneak peek inside the upcoming Character Creator Course: Female Characters!

I know I’m leaving you in suspense with all these little previews, especially since I’m taking my sweet-ass time getting it done for you, but I couldn’t help myself!

I thought these illustrated examples came out really cool!

In this lesson I explain the step-by-step process for drawing up the female head from a range of dynamic angles. And once you get your head around the 3 step construction method that allows you to establish the foundations of the head, regardless of the perspective you’re drawing it on – placing on the facial features becomes a total cakewalk.

Beyond showing you how to draw up the basic front, side and three-quarter views of the head, I really wanted to drill down deeper into the 3D forms that make it up. Because if we know how to take those basic forms and turn them in space – it allows us to harness the dynamic skill set every comic book artist needs in order to draw their characters within a variety of unique compositions.

This particular Workshop has me so excited that later today, I’d like to write up a tutorial covering some of the key points I’ve focused on within the full, 3+ hour lesson. I truly think that grasping these dynamic drawing mindsets gives you so much freedom as an artist, and allows you to break free of the confines of direct observation – so that you can come up with an eye popping drawing purely from your imagination.

Next up I’ll be taking this same approach and walking you through the process of how to draw each of the facial features – breaking them down into easy to draw geometry as well, that can be turned in space and projected down onto the page from any angle you can think of.

Let me know what you think of these lovely lady heads – they’re supposed to be of E – though it’s kinda hard to tell without her iconic hair-do. ALSO – if you’ve got any burning questions or topics you’d like me to cover in these lessons, now’s your chance to throw them my way.


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