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Some Days I've Got It... And Some Days I Don't...

When it comes to narrating ultra-in-depth Workshops over multiple hours – some day’s I’ve got it… and some days I don’t… and today for some reason I couldn’t even string together a sentence.

Weird huh? Especially since yesterday I somehow managed to knock out a 4 hour long class on drafting, refining and rendering hair! Maybe I’ve used up all my narrating mojo for the week in one fell swoop...

Luckily my ability to draw is a little more consistent. So I gave the talk-overs a rest for today and decided to instead, wrap up on these pre-made illustrations of E, for the Shadowing and Rendering Workshop I’ve got planned.

You might have already seen the gym-getup version of this delectable deva. But the second version, as you can see, shows her in the actual costume I came up with during her design phase.

The reason I’ve created two different versions here is that in the Shadowing and Rendering Workshop, I’ll be explaining and showing how to shade a range of different materials that vary in color, tone and reflectiveness.

Figuring out how to approach the rendering process when dealing with different materials was something that I always had a hard time finding any information on as a beginner – and I remember it being a bit of a struggle to work out how to get those different materials well balanced and looking distinct from one another in the correct way.

As you can see though, these two illustrations only really represent the key contours of the art work at the moment – before any of the shading, rendering and additional details are thrown into the mix.

That’s because in the Rendering Workshop I’ll be using them as an example to demo on, walking you step by step through the process of rendering a multitude of different materials. For example you’ll see how I take a very different approach to rendering the lighter colored cotton E’s gym top is made of, in comparison to the black leather that makes up a majority of her costume.

But I gotta say… something about the design of E herself… Since I began putting the Character Creator Course, this E as a character has had such a great response. Which is something I didn’t really anticipate… I thought she was a super cool character, but to have so many other feel the same way about her… it makes me super-proud to present her to you.

I’ve literally had people sending in messages asking about her, and when they’ll be able to see her design process.

The more I draw her throughout the course, using her to teach you how to implement various comic art methods and techniques to create your own characters – Part of me wants to stop everything, hide away from the world for a couple of months and work on the most epic Comic Book I could possibly come up with for this bad-ass comic book babe!

Especially when I’m creating illustrations such as these where we kinda get to see her showing a little more personality and attitude. It’s great to be able to move her around on the page and breathe some life into her.

I’ve even been messing around with some potential names for her Comic… since E is somewhat of a rebel in the post-apocalyptic world her story will be set in – my favorite name so far is ‘Revolter’… not sure on it yet… but it could be a winner! What do you think?

E’s Comic is still a little while away however so for now – my sights are set on getting this monster Character Creator Course done and out to you… soon hopefully!

Hope you like the illustration – More Character Creator updates on the way – So stay tooned!


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